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[A] Forged Steel Baluster, Twist w/ 2 Baskets. 35-7/16" H.

[A] Family Forged Steel Baluster. Single twist with double baskets (bird cage or split twist), banded with Roman collars. 1/2" square solid bar. Matches 13-48-2S (single basket design). Also available 45" long 13-48-1.

$7.18 ea.
$6.67 (25+)
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Plastic Knuckle, 2 Halves. Fits 1/2" Square

This plastic knuckle is black and comes in two halves. The halves snap together around 1/2"" square balusters. Each knuckle is 1-5/8"" wide, 1-5/8"" high and weighs .031 lbs. Achieve a quantity discount when you purchase 750 or more. Items ship same day.

$1.29 pr.
$1.09 (100+)
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[A] Forged Steel Baluster w 2 S Scrolls 45-1/4" Height.

This family forged steel baluster is something special. The center design is made up of two ""S"" scrolls and two ""C"" scrolls banded together. The baluster is 45-1/4"" high and made of 1/2"" solid square bar. The design is made of 1/2""x1/4"" flat bar and is 26-3/4"" long. Also available in 36""…

$12.28 ea.
$11.67 (10+)
$11.07 (50+)
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[C] Forged Steel Baluster, Single Twist, 2 Baskets. 45-1/4"H

[C] Forged Steel Baluster. Single Center Twist with Double Baskets. 45-1/4" H, 5.58 lbs

$21.89 ea.
$20.88 (10+)

[A] Forged Steel Baluster w 2 "S" Scrolls 35-7/16" Height.

[A] Forged Steel Baluster. Center design is composed of 1 'S' scroll and 2 'C' scrolls banded together with R. Design is 26-3/4" long and is 1/2" x 1/4" flat bar. Baluster 1/2" square solid bar. (Scroll design is item #13-1051-5.) Also available 45"L.

$12.28 ea.
$11.27 (10+)
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Zinc Flange for Molded Cover Rail, 2 Ear

Zinc 2 Eared Flange for 1-5/8" Molded Cover Rail. 1-15/16" W, 2-15/16" Depth, 1-1/4" H, .18 lbs

$2.27 ea.
$2.07 (100+)

Ductile Iron End Piece For 1 -3/4" W.

Malleable Iron Square End Piece For 1-3/4" Width Molded Cover Rail. 3-3/4" Width x 2-1/4" Length.

$2.86 ea.
$2.59 (60+)
$2.39 (120+)
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Zinc Flange for Molded Cover Rail, 1 Ear

A one eared zinc flange for 1-5/8"" molded cover rail. This flange is non-weldable. The flange is 2"" deep, 1-1/4"" wide and weighs .17 lb. Earn a quantity discount when you purchase 125 or more. Items ship the same day.

$1.97 ea.
$1.89 (125+)
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Molded Steel Cover Rail, 1 3/4" W, 19 Ft

A molded steel cover or cap rail that will fit over 1/2"" to 1"" square, flat or channel rails. Sold in 19' lengths. This item ships via UPS. This cap rail has a low profile at 5/8"" and is 1-3/4"" side. Matches item 81-4429-F. Receive a quantity discount when you purchase 10 or more.

$34.67 ea.
$33.69 (10+)
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Line perimeters with up to 30 degree inclines with our rackable fence panels for residential and commercial applications. They are 100% galvanized inside and out and powder coated a high-gloss black. This panel is 5’10”x 7’9” and features a 6” pressed point picket spear…

$123.08 ea.
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Aluminum Panel,Victorian. 10-3/4"W, 27-1/2"H

Aluminum Railing Panel, Victorian Design, Single Faced. 10-3/4" W, 27-1/2" H, 5.75 lbs. Also makes great wall decor.

$22.08 ea.
$21.31 (10+)

Cast Iron Panel,Rococo Design.15-1/2"W,27-5/8"H

A double faced railing panel that is done in the Rococo Design. This Rococo Design was created during the mid 1700's which was the tail end of the baroque period. You'll notice that the pattern is very full and detailed. Each panel is 15-1/2"" wide, 27-5/8"" high and weighs 23 lbs. Enjoy a quantity…

$40.30 ea.
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