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[A] Forged Steel Baluster Double Twist. 45-1/4" Height.

A simple baluster created with 1/2"" bar of family forged steel. The baluster features a double twist design. Each twist is 5-7/8"" long separated by a straight section of bar. This baluster design is also available in 36"" length.

$4.18 ea.
$3.97 (75+)
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[B] Forged Steel Baluster w/Double Twist. 45-1/4" Height.

A forged steel baluster that features double twists with a straight segment in between. The baluster is made from 9/16' plain square bar and is 45-1/4"" high and weighs 3.9 lbs.

$7.68 ea.
$7.29 (25+)
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TuscanyPanel,Pitched,Straight Rail.42

This classic Tuscany panel is made for straight or pitched rails. The angle can be from 36-48 degrees. The stock is 1/2"" solid square with round scroll ends banded together in 6 places. It's 42"" high, 10"" wide and weighs 14.6 lbs.

$71.98 ea.

TuscanyPanel,Pitched,Straight Rail.42

A classic Tuscany railing panel that includes scroll ends banded together in four places. This panel can be used in straight, pitched applications with an angle of 20-48 degrees. Made of 1/2"" solid square material. Panel height is 40"", width is 10"" and it weighs 12.1 lbs.

$71.98 ea.

Ductile Square End Piece. 2-1/4" Cover Rail

A malleable iron square end piece for a 2-1/4"" cover rail. This end piece may be used when the railing meets a building or on a straight rail where you don't want anything too ornate. The end piece is 2-1/4"" wide, 2-1/2"" long and weighs .45 lbs. Receive a quantity discount when you purchase 50 or…

$7.89 ea.
$7.59 (50+)
$7.27 (100+)
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[Z] Forged Steel Panel. 7-1/2" Width, 35-7/16" Height.

Now 20% OFF! [Z] Forged Steel Scrollwork Panel, Straight Railing. 7-1/2" W, 35-7/16" H, 8 lbs

$38.68 ea.
$36.77 (5+)
$34.87 (30+)

Tuscany Panel,Level,StraightRail. 39" H

A classic Tuscany railing panel that includes round scroll ends banded together in six places. This panel can be used in level and straight applications. The panel is hand-forged and made of 1/2"" solid square material.

$71.98 ea.
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[U3] Rebecca Panel. 13-1/8"W,44" H

The Rebecca panel is made for straight and level rails. Created using 1/2"" round scrolls and 5/8"" round posts. The design is banded in two places on one side while the design curls around the post on the other side. The panel is 44"" high and 13-1/8"" wide.

$124.98 ea.
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Tuscany,Panel, Level,StraightRail. 38"H

This railing panel is designed in the classic Tuscany style and includes round scroll ends that are held together in six places by bands. The panel is to be used in straight and level areas. Check out the craftsmanship in the hand-forged construction using 1/2"" solid square material.

$71.98 ea.
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[U3] Rebecca Panel. 14-1/2"W, 51" H

[U3] Rebecca Hand Forged Railing Panel. For straight, pitched rail (up to 48 degrees). 1/2" round scrolls & 5/8" round posts. Design is banded to one post & the scrolls wrap around the opposite post. Complies with 4" Code. Stocked primered black.

$124.98 ea.

[Z] Forged Steel Nouveau PanelStraight & Pitched. 36-5/8" H

Now 20% OFF! [Z] Forged Steel Panel, Inclined or Pitched Railing, Straight. Scrolled Ends with Leaves Design. 14-1/2" W, 36-5/8" H. 10.71 lbs

$87.98 ea.
$83.58 (10+)
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