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1.5 Stainless Tube Polished

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Stainless Steel Tube (316) Polished. 1.5" OD, 20' Length.

$248.00 ea.
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Stainless Steel PerpendicularCollar, Polished. 1.5" Tube.

Connect one tube to another by welding or using a screw and insert.

$8.60 ea.

Stainless Steel Wall Flange, Polished. Fits 1.5" Tube.

An elegant flange useful for mounting tube to walls or surface.  Light Duty.

$13.30 ea.

Stainless Steel Flush Tee, Polished. Fits 1.5" Tube.

Connect three tubes: one at a 90 degree angle, and two in a straight line.

$34.20 ea.

Stainless Steel Ball Finial, Polished. Fits 1.5" Tube.

Decorative ball that closes the end of a vertical or horizontal tube.

$28.20 ea.

Stainless Steel Radius Wall Return, Polished. Fits 1.5" Tube

Brings the end or a wall-mounted handrail toward the wall.

$22.60 ea.

Stainless Steel Adj. Flush Ell, Polished, Fits 1.5" Tube.

Connect two tubes at various angles.

$27.40 ea.

Stainless Steel Flush Side Outlet Ell, Polished. 1.5" Tube.

Connect three tubes at 90 degree angles.

$29.30 ea.

Stainless Steel Flush Side Outlet Tee, Polished. 1.5" Tube.

Commonly used when connecting center rails at 90 degree angles.

$38.80 ea.

Stainless Steel Knurled End Cap, Polished. Fits 1.5" Tube.

Closes the end or a round tube.  Convenient pressure fit.  Insert with a rubber hammer.

$6.20 ea.
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Stainless Steel Flush 135 Angle, Polished. Fits 1.5" Tube.

Useful for creating 45 degree angle when using one and 90 degree angles when using two of these.

$26.60 ea.

Stainless Steel Flush Ell 90 Angle, Polished. Fits 1.5" Tube

Connect two tubes at a 90 degree angle.

$22.90 ea.

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