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GTO SW3000XLS Single Swing Gate 16' 650 lbs

This GTO single swing opener can handle gates up to 16 feet wide and 600 lbs. Each opener includes a battery , receiver, transmitter, transformer, control box, 6' cable, hardware, master/slave control panel and manual. Items ship same day.

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GTO Slave Arm w/Brackets 16' 650 lbs

A slave arm that will work with a master that is made by GTO. The slave can open a gate up to 16 feet wide and 650 lbs. The slave kit comes with 50 feet of cable, hardware and a manual. Items ship same day.

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GTO SW4000XLS Sing Swing Gate 20' 1000 lbs

A single swing gate opener made by GTO. This opener works with gates up to 20 feet wide and 1000 lbs. The opener is sold separately and can be used as a replacement part with other kits. Items ship same day.

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GTO SW2002XLS Dual Swing Gate 16' 500 lbs

A dual swing gate, linear opener that opens gates up to 16 feet wide and 500 lbs. For residential and light commercial. Easy touch button programming. Gate speed 15-20 seconds. Soft start / soft stop. Auto close adjustment delay. Pull to open or push to open control. Includes: Operator Cabinet with…

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obsolete, use 39-CSL24UL2

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Forged Steel Decorative Plate,3-9/16" W

Forged Steel Decorative Base Plate, 3-9/16" W, 5/8" Thick, .53 lbs

$7.09 ea.
$6.79 (40+)

Forged Steel Rosette 3-9/16" Diameter

Forged Steel Rosette, Fits Over 1/2" (12mm.) Round. 3-9/16" Diameter, 9/16" Hole, 1/8" H, .33 lbs

$2.78 ea.
$2.78 (25+)
$2.68 (50+)

39-1/2" Steel Closed Riser Section

$24.47 ea.
$22.57 (30+)

39-1/2" Steel Closed Riser Section

$23.47 ea.

1-3/8" Cast Iron Baluster. 39-3/8" Height.

1-3/8" Cast Iron Baluster, 1-3/4" Diameter, 39-3/8" H, 8 lbs

$18.48 ea.
$17.48 (10+)
$16.59 (20+)

Hot Stamped Steel Ball. 3-9/16" Diameter.

Hot Stamped Steel Smooth Texture Ball. 3-9/16" Diameter, 6.61 lbs

$17.87 ea.
$16.97 (30+)
$16.09 (60+)

1-5/8" Cast Iron Baluster. 39-1/4" Height.

1-5/8" Cast Iron Baluster, 2" Diameter, 39-1/4" H, 14.25 lbs

$26.18 ea.
$24.97 (10+)
$23.68 (20+)

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