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4 Barrel Hinges

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Standard Barrel Hinge, 4", No Plate, SS Pin

$9.58 pr.
$9.08 (20+)

Barrel Hinge, 4-1/4", No Plate

$25.48 pr.
$23.48 (12+)

Barrel hinge, 6-1/4", No Plate

$44.49 pr.
$40.97 (12+)

Forged Steel Ornate Barrel Hinge. 13-3/4" Height.

Forged Steel Ornate Barrel Hinge. 4-1/8" W, 13-3/4" H, 4.54 lbs

$26.89 ea.
$25.59 (10+)

Forged Steel Barrel Hinge. 5/16" Pin, 4" Height.

Forged Steel Barrel Hinge with Steel Pins. 5/16" Pin, 5/8" Diameter, 4" H, .26 lbs

$10.49 ea.
$10.07 (100+)

3/4" Steel J-Bolt Adjustable Barrel Hinge

This adjustable J-bolt ball bearing barrel hinge can support 600 lbs. The bolt is 6-3/4"" long with a 3-3/8"" pad. The hinge is painted black.

$35.07 pr.
$29.89 (8+)

5/8" Steel J-Bolt Adjustable Barrel Hinge

A 5/8"" adjustable J-bolt ball bearing hinge. This hinge supports up to 300 lbs. The bolt is 4-3/8"" and the pad is 2-3/8"". Enjoy a quantity discount when you buy 12 or more.

$17.88 pr.
$14.99 (10+)
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Barrel Hinge. 1"x2" Weld Pad, 5" H

This barrel hinge is made in the USA and is 5" high, with a 1"x2" weld pad, stainless steel pin, with a 1-3/4" installation gap. The hinge weighs 2.75 lbs. All hinges are sold in pairs. Enjoy a quantity discount when you order 22 or more.This barrel hinge is made in the USA and is 5" high, with a…

$25.55 pr.
$23.57 (12+)
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Barrel Hinge. 3/4" Diameter, 3" H

A barrel hinge that can be used on light applications like a pedestrian gate or barbeque grill. The barrel is 3/4"" in diameter and 3"" long. All orders are shipped same day. Enjoy a quantity discount on this item if you purchase 100 or more. Item sold in pairs.

$2.41 pr.
$2.09 (20+)

Standard Barrel Hinge, 9". SS 1" Pin, No Plate

Hinge in a matte black finish. Hinge has been lubricated with standard machine grease both inside and out for best performance. This hinge is designed without a weld plate, 9" high, and weighs 15.68 lbs.  Price discounted when you purchase 4 or more. 9" Standard Barrel Hinge

$75.88 pr.
$71.99 (4+)

King Kong Barrel Hinge. 7" H, 3000 lb

A King Kong barrel hinge that is 7"" high is built for those heavy duty jobs where no other hinge will do. This hinge can support up to 3000 lbs. The barrel is 2-1/2"" in diameter. There is a 1-1/4"" stainless steel pin and there's a 3-3/4"" space between post and gate when installed.

$186.40 pr.
$177.08 (10+)

Forged Steel Barrel Hinge. 3/4" Pin, 8" Height.

This barrel hinge is heavy duty and 8"" high made out of forged steel. There's a 3/4"" steel pin. The hinge has decorative pointed tips on both ends. The barrel is 1-3/16"" diameter, 8"" high and weighs 2.16 lbs. Earn a quantity discount when you buy 20 or more.

$16.27 ea.
$15.49 (20+)

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