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Cast Iron Frieze, Acorn-Top. 21" W, 5-1/2" H

A cast iron frieze called an Acorn Top is part of the Oak Collection that came about because the artisans in New Orleans were trying to preserve the beauty of the oak tree when the trees started dying off because of the pirate moss. This pattern is timeless. Each frieze is 21"" wide, 5-1/2"" high…

$16.68 ea.
$14.87 (15+)
$13.37 (30+)
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USAuto Ranger 1AC Charged, inculdes receiver and 2 remotes

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USAuto Ranger 2 dual AC charge includes receiver & 2 remotes

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USAuto Ranger 1 Solar, includes receiver, 2 remotes & Solar

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USAuto Ranger 2 dual solar includes receiver, 2 remotes & So

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Rainbow Torch, 1 Quart

Rainbow Torch, 1 Quart

$23.82 ea.

Rainbow Torch, 1 Gallon

Rainbow Torch, 1 Gallon

$56.32 ea.

Single swing AC charged w/LCRphoto eye

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Dual swing AC charged w/LCR/Photo Eye

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Single swing Solar AC charged w/LCR/solar panel/ Photo Eye

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Dual swing Solar AC charged w/LCR/solar panel/ Photo Eye

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Slide AC charged w/LCR/ 2 photo eyes

US Automatic Slide Gates up to 32 feet in travel distance (600 lbs). Pad or Post mount. For residential and light commercial. 5 year warranty on control board. 3 year warranty on all other components. Solar or AC charged with friendly Smart controller. Designed to operate with all types of solar…

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