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5/8" Square Hammered Square Bar. 19' Length.

Hammered All 4 Sides & Corners 5/8" Square Bar. 19' Length.

$55.77 ea.

Forged Steel Handrail 1-7/8"W 8 Ft. Length

A forged steel handrail with solid profile. Each handrail is 1-7/8"" wide, 5/16"" thick, 8' long and weighs 20.07 lbs. Receive a quantity discount when you buy 15 or more. This item ships the same day and can be shipped via UPS.

$38.74 ea.
$34.87 (15+)

Stamped Steel Rosette, w/ 5/8"Hole,3-3/4"Diameter

Stamped Steel Rosette, Single Faced. 5/8" Hole, 1/8" Thickness, 3-3/4" Diameter, .302 lbsStamped Steel Rosette, Single Faced. 5/8" Hole, 1/8" Thickness, 3-3/4" Diameter, .302 lbs

$2.29 ea.
$2.19 (50+)
$1.89 (100+)

6mm Scored Square Bar Ring. 2" Diameter.

Forged Steel 6mm Scored Square Bar Ring. 2" Diameter, .09 lbs

$.39 ea.
$.37 (300+)
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Light Duty Cabinet Hinge. 2-1/4" Width, 3-5/8" Height.

Forged Steel Cabinet Hinge, Light Duty. 1/8" Thick, 2-1/4" W, 3-5/8" H, .15 lbs

$15.59 ea.
$14.79 (30+)

Tuscany Panel,Level,Convex Rail. 38"H

This classic Tuscany railing panel is made of 1/2' solid square material. The round scroll ends are banded together in 6 places. This panel is convex and made for stairs that go up and to the left. Each panel is 38"" high, 10"" wide and weigh 13.3 lbs.

$80.00 ea.
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Michelle, Panel, Level, Convex Rail

Michelle Hand Forged Steel Railing Panel. For level, convex rail (stair goes up & curves left). Scrollwork is 1/4" x 1" flat bar with rounded ends. Post is 1/2" x 1" flat bar. Complies with 4" Code. Stocked primered black.

$90.00 ea.

[U3] Rebecca Panel. 14-1/2" W, 44" H

[U3] Rebecca Hand Forged Railing Panel. For concave, level rail. 1/2" round scrolls & 5/8" round posts. Design is banded to one post & scrolls wrap around the opposite post. Complies with 4" Code.

$140.00 ea.
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[A] Forged Steel Baluster Double Twist & Center. 45-1/4" H.

[A] Forged Steel Baluster. 1/2" square solid bar. Center design consists of 2 'C' scrolls and 4 leaves, banded together. Scrolls are 1/4" x 1/2" and have flattened ends. Scroll design is 13-3/4" long. (Matches 13-45024-002.)

$11.47 ea.
$10.89 (25+)

[AA] Forged Steel C Scroll. 2-3/8" Width, 4-5/16" Height.

This 'C' scroll is made of forged steel with hot hammered ends. Use these scrolls horizontally or vertically for a different look. Each scroll is 2-3/8"" wide, 4-5/16"" high and weighs .37 lbs. Earn a quantity discount when you purchase 60 and more or 120 and more. Items ship same day.

$1.18 ea.
$1.07 (60+)
$.99 (120+)
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Cast Iron Handrail Bracket, 3-3/4" H

A cast iron handrail bracket for flat stock has a 3"" standoff and extends 3"" from the wall to the center line of the saddle. There's a 7/16"" hold for mounting to the wall. The bracket is 3-1/4"" wide, 3-3/4"" high and weighs 1.12 lbs. Receive a quantity discount when you purchase 50 or more…

$4.19 ea.
$3.98 (50+)
$3.78 (100+)

Pressed Aluminum Post Cap, Fits 2-1/2" Square

Pressed Aluminum Post Cap. FIts Over 2-1/2" Sq.

$3.19 ea.
$3.02 (100+)
$2.87 (500+)

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