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Barrel Hinges

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Steel Weld On Hinge. 7" Length, 1/2" Pin.

This barrel hinge is 7"" long and has a 13/16"" barrel and has a weight capacity of 520 lbs when used in two pairs. Sold as pairs. The pin is 1/2"" and brass and there is a brass ring as well. Each hinge weighs 2.1 lbs. Receive a quantity discount when you purchase 10 or more and 25 or more.

$11.18 ea.
$10.77 (10+)
$9.87 (25+)
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Aluminum Bodied/Steel Yoke Hinge. 1000lbs

This hinge has an aluminum body with a steel yoke for durability. Weight capacity is 1000 lbs. Sold in pairs. This is a sealed bearing hinge.

$132.00 pr.

Forged Steel Barrel Hinge. 23/32" Pin, 10" Height.

Forged Steel Barrel Hinge with Steel Pins. 23/32" Pin, 1-3/16" Diameter, 10" H, 2.73 lbs

$21.68 ea.
$20.48 (20+)

Steel Butt Hinge. 3/8" Pin, 2-11/16" Leaf

This butt hinge is made from solid steel and has a tight 7/16"" pin and 2-11/16"" leaf size. It has a non-swaged surface and weighs 6 lbs. The hinge is for extra heavy duty applications. Enjoy a quantity discount when you buy 10 or more.

$17.46 ea.
$16.59 (10+)

Steel Weld On Hinge. 3-3/16" Length, 5/16" Pin.

Steel Weld On Hinge with Steel Pin,Brass Grease Fitting & Brass Ring. 3-3/16", 5/16" Pin, 5/8" Barrel, .36 lbs.

$3.27 ea.
$3.07 (10+)
$2.87 (175+)

Piano Hinge, Steel,. 2" x 1/8" Leaf 3/8" Diam. Pin,6' L

Hinge,Piano,1-3/8 Pin,2 in Leaf, 1/8" Leaf Thickness, Raw Mill Finish. 6 foot Length.

$39.29 ea.
$39.29 ea.
$37.99 (10+)
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Forged Steel Strap Hinge. 6-1/2" Height, 15-3/4" Width.

Hand Forged Steel Door Hinge. 1/4" Hole, 3/16" Thickness, 15-3/4" W, 6-1/2" H, 1.61 lbs

$21.07 ea.
$20.17 (15+)
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Steel Spring Hinge. 4" x 4", 8 lbs.

A spring hinge with single acting. Made of 14 gauge steel so will work perfectly if welding, but also contains screw holes if needed. The hinge is 1/4"" thick when closed. Hinge includes a full mortise template. The hinge is non-handled. Sold as a pair and each pair weighs 8 lbs. Earn a quantity…

$22.55 ea.
$21.43 (10+)
$20.30 (50+)

Square Block Hinge. 8", 3/4" Pin

This heavy duty hinge is 8"" high with a 3/4"" stainless steel pin. Use these block hinges on those heavy gates to prevent sagging. These block hinges are sold in pairs. Each hinge weighs 19 lbs. Receive a quantity discount when you buy 12 or more.

$75.65 pr.
$69.79 (12+)

SureClose Hinge,108+SM,180 DegIn and Out, Flush Mount

D&D Technologies SureClose Hinge,108+SM,180 DegIn and Out, Flush Mount

$357.29 pr.
$333.48 (4+)
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Aluminum Bodied Sealed Roller Hinge. 1000lbs

This roller hinge has an all aluminum body with an aluminum yoke. A pair of these hinges will support up to 1000 lbs. The hinge is completely sealed. Sold in pairs each pair weighs 3 lbs. Items have same day shipping.

$142.98 pr.

Forged Steel Barrel Hinge. 15/16" Pin, 10-5/8" Height.

Forged Steel Barrel Hinge with Steel Pins. 15/16" Pin, 1-9/16" Diameter, 10-5/8" H, 5.27 lbs

$29.99 ea.
$28.99 (10+)

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