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Forged Steel Bird On Branch. 11-13-16" Diameter.

Forged Steel Singing Bird on Limb Design, Single Faced. 11-13/16" Diameter, 3.128 lbs. Also makes great wall art or wall décor.

$49.27 ea.
$46.87 (5+)

Cast Iron Casting, Bird/Leaf.8" W, 22-7/8" H

Cast Iron Casting, Bird and Leaf Design, Double Faced. 8" W, 22-7/8" H, 6.25 lbs

$13.38 ea.
$12.67 (20+)
$11.99 (40+)
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Cast Iron Casting, Birds/Grapes. 28-1/2" W

Cast Iron Casting, Birds and Grapes Dseign, Single Faced. 28-1/2" W, 11-1/4" H, 16.5 lbs. Also makes great wall art or wall décor.

$21.07 ea.
$19.57 (10+)
$18.19 (20+)
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Cast Iron Casting, Bird of Paradise. 8"W, 33-1/4"H

Cast Iron Casting, Bird od Paradise Design, Double Faced. 8-" W, 33-1/4" H, 14 lbs

$28.49 ea.
$26.99 (15+)
$25.69 (30+)
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Cast Iron Corner Bracket, BirdDesign. 9-1/2"H

Cast Iron Corner Bracket, Bird Design, Double Faced. 6-1/2" W, 9-1/2" H, 1.15 lbs

$4.87 ea.
$4.19 (5+)
$3.69 (10+)

Cast Iron Casting, Bird of Paradise. 25-1/8" H

This single faced Bird of Paradise casting is made out of a sturdy cast iron so it will stand the test of time. The Bird of Paradise was originally carved by Juan Ponce de Leon when he thought he discover the island of Florida. What he lacked in exploration skills he made up for with his wood…

$22.90 ea.
$20.97 (10+)
$19.19 (20+)

Cast Iron Panel, Bird of Paradise 30" H

A single faced cast iron panel that is made in the Bird of Paradise Design. Each panel is 21"" wide, 1/2"" thick, 30"" high and weighs 25.35 lbs. This panel can be used as a tabletop or as part of a gate. Receive a quantity discount when you purchase 20 and more or 40 and more. Items ship same day.

$40.79 ea.
$37.47 (20+)
$34.58 (40+)
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Aluminum Casting, Bird of Paradise. 15" H

Aluminum Casting, Bird of Paradise Design, Double Faced. 8-1/2" W, 15" H, 3.5 lbs

$9.17 ea.
$8.59 (10+)

Plasma, Bird Hunter & Dog. 24"W, 16"H

Plasma Cut, Bird Hunter & Dog. 3/16" Thick, 24" W, 16" H. Made to Order.

Inquire For Market Price

Cast Iron Large Bird Bath. 28-3/4"H

Large Cast Iron Birdbath. Bird baths come powder coated antique green patina. The bowl is aluminum, while the base and post are cast iron. 3 pieces. Can ship UPS. 5" Bird H, 119-3/4" W, 14-3/4" Base Diameter, 28-3/4" H, 31.97 lbs


Cast Iron Frieze, Bird of Paradise. 21-1/2"W

A double faced Bird of Paradise frieze made from cast iron. An ornate frieze that can be used in gates or fences. Each frieze is 21-1/2"" wide, 4"" high and weighs 5 lbs. Earn a quantity discount when you buy 10 and more or 20 and more.

$8.48 ea.
$7.37 (10+)
$6.49 (20+)
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Cast Iron Bird of Paradise, 31-5/8" W

This bird of paradise frieze is made of cast iron and is double faced. The design comes from a humble explorer and wood carver. His name was Juan Ponce de Leon and he carved it one day when he was homesick for the tropics. He was watching a sunset over a wheat field. The new world was still…

$10.09 ea.
$9.37 (20+)
$8.57 (40+)

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