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Cast Iron

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Cast Iron Panel, European Design. 35-1/4" Height.

Cast Iron Panel, European Design with Steel Rods, Double Faced. 1" Rod, 7-1/8" W, 35-1/4" H, 10.63 lbs

$21.37 ea.
$20.37 (10+)
$19.39 (20+)
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Cast Iron Picket Casting, Single Faced. 6-3/4"W, 16-1/2"H

A cast iron picket casting overlay that works with 1/2"" square material. The picket casting is single faced. Each casting is 6-3/4"" wide, 16-1/2"" high and weighs 2.8 lbs. Enjoy a quantity discount when you order 56 and more or 112 and more.

$6.57 ea.
$6.19 (56+)
$5.88 (112+)
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Cast Iron Casting, Pontalba. 8-3/4"W, 33-1/4" H

A double faced Pontalba cast iron casting that can be used for gates or fences. This original design was created for the Pontalba building in the French Quarter so that is where the name came from. Each casting is 8-3/4"" wide, 33-1/4"" high and weighs 13.5 lbs. Enjoy a quantity discount when you…

$21.70 ea.
$19.58 (25+)
$17.77 (50+)
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Cast Iron Casting, Victorian. 8-7/16"W, 29-3/8"H

…double faced Victorian cast iron casting that can be used in a gate or as a side light. The Victorian Design came about at the beginning of the 19th century because the Classicism was conflicting with the Romanticism which caused all sorts of new artists to come forward. Each cast is 8-7/16"" wide,…

$23.50 ea.
$21.07 (15+)
$19.07 (30+)

Cast Iron Casting, Gothic. 7-1/2"W, 28-1/4"H

A double faced cast iron casting in the Gothic Design. This panel can be used on a gate or fence where you want to see the beauty of the design from both sides. Each casting is 7-1/2"" wide, 28-1/4"" high and weighs 8.5 lbs. Enjoy a quantity discount when you purchase 12 and more or 40 and more.

$15.25 ea.
$13.95 (15+)
$13.09 (40+)
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Cast Iron Casting Heart Design14-3/4" Height.

A Heart Scroll Design made from cast iron on this picket casting. The double faced design makes this picket pretty from both sides. This overlay works over 1/2"" square material. Each casting is 5-3/4"" wide, 14-3/4"" high and weighs 3 lbs. Receive a quantity discount when you buy 20 and more or 40…

$4.88 ea.
$4.69 (20+)
$4.48 (40+)
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Cast Iron Casting, Dogwood. 26-1/2" H

Cast Iron Casting, Dogwood, Double Faced. 6-1/2" W< 26-1/2" H, 10 lbs

$17.90 ea.
$16.75 (10+)
$16.26 (20+)

Cast Iron Rococo Scroll w/Triangle. 32" Height.

Cast Iron Rococo Panel, S Scroll with Center Triangle Design. 6-3/4" W, 32" H, 4 lbs

$9.63 ea.
$9.17 (10+)
$8.69 (20+)
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Cast Iron Rosette. 7-3/8" W, 7-3/8" H

Cast Iron Rosette, 4 Circle Design. 7-3/8" W, 7-3/8" H, 2.05 lbs

$5.18 ea.
$4.89 (30+)
$4.69 (60+)
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Cast Iron Florentine Medallion Single Faced 22-1/4" Diameter

Cast Iron Florentine, Circle Design. 22-1/4" Diameter, 23.54 lbs. Also makes great wall art or wall decor.

$49.61 ea.
$47.13 (5+)
$44.77 (10+)

Cast Iron Casting, Bellflower Vine. 31-3/4" H

This cast iron casting is part of the Ivy Collection. It is double faced and called the Bellflower Vine. Each casting is 6-1/4"" wide, 31-3/4"" high and weighs 6 lbs. Enjoy a quantity discount when you buy 25 and more or 50 and more. Items ship same day.

$14.95 ea.
$12.95 (25+)
$11.90 (50+)
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Cast Iron Casting, Victorian. 10-3/8"W, 26-1/8"H

A double faced casting made of cast iron in the Victorian style. This casting is 10-3/8"" wide, 26-1/8"" high and weighs 10 lbs. The Victorian style was named after queen Victoria. This style came about during a volatile period in history and in such reflects numerous styles at the same time. That…

$16.45 ea.
$16.19 (15+)
$15.99 (30+)
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