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Cast Iron Frieze

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Cast Iron Frieze, Acorn-Top. 21" W, 5-1/2" H

A cast iron frieze called an Acorn Top is part of the Oak Collection that came about because the artisans in New Orleans were trying to preserve the beauty of the oak tree when the trees started dying off because of the pirate moss. This pattern is timeless. Each frieze is 21"" wide, 5-1/2"" high…

$16.68 ea.
$14.87 (15+)
$13.37 (30+)
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Cast Iron Bird of Paradise, 31-5/8" W

This bird of paradise frieze is made of cast iron and is double faced. The design comes from a humble explorer and wood carver. His name was Juan Ponce de Leon and he carved it one day when he was homesick for the tropics. He was watching a sunset over a wheat field. The new world was still…

$10.09 ea.
$9.37 (20+)
$8.57 (40+)

Cast Iron Frieze Romanesque 34-1/4" W

A double faced frieze that was made in the Greco-Romanesque Design. Each frieze is 34-1/4"" wide, 7"" high and weighs 12.74 lbs. Receive a quantity discount when you buy 10 and more or 20 and more. Items ship same day.

$22.08 ea.
$20.99 (10+)
$19.98 (20+)

Cast Iron Frieze, Morning Glory. 13-7/8" W

Cast Iron Frieze, Morning Glory Design, Double Faced. 13-7/8" W, 5-5/16" H, 4.2 lbs

$7.27 ea.
$6.79 (20+)
$6.57 (40+)
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Cast Iron Frieze Bird of Paradise. 25-5/8" W

A double faced Bird of Paradise frieze made of cast iron. Use this frieze as a divider between two simpler panels in a gate or use it as a border on top or bottom of your gate design. Each frieze is 25-5/8"" wide, 4-1/8"" high and weighs 5 lbs. Enjoy a quantity discount when you buy 20 and more or…

$8.19 ea.
$7.47 (20+)
$6.87 (40+)
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Aluminum Frieze, Greco-Romanesque. 13-1/2" W

Aluminum Frieze, Greco-Romanesque/Greek Key, Single Faced. 13-1/2" W, 4-1/8" H, 1.25 lbs

$4.27 ea.
$3.97 (40+)

Cast Iron Frieze, Bird of Paradise. 21-1/2"W

A double faced Bird of Paradise frieze made from cast iron. An ornate frieze that can be used in gates or fences. Each frieze is 21-1/2"" wide, 4"" high and weighs 5 lbs. Earn a quantity discount when you buy 10 and more or 20 and more.

$8.48 ea.
$7.37 (10+)
$6.49 (20+)
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Cast Iron Frieze, Pontalba 3-3/8"H

A double faced Pontalba cast iron frieze brings the beauty of historic New Orleans to a new generation. Each frieze is 30-5/8"" wide, 3-3/8"" high and weighs 4.5 lbs. Receive a quantity discount when you buy 25 and more or 50 and more.

$8.49 ea.
$7.68 (25+)
$7.07 (50+)
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Cast Iron Frieze, Center Door.18-1/2" W, 4-1/4"H

Cast Iron Frieze, Center Door Design, Double Faced. 18-1/2" W, 4-1/4" H, 3.3069 lbs

$6.67 ea.
$6.29 (15+)
$5.98 (30+)
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Cast Iron Frieze, Greco-Romanesque. 34-5/8" W

Cast Iron Frieze, Greco-Romanesque Design, Double Faced. Repeating Pattern When Stacked or Laid End to End. 34-5/8" W, 6-1/8" H, 11.55 lbs

$16.58 ea.
$15.87 (6+)
$14.99 (12+)
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Cast Iron Frieze, Oak/Flower.33-1/2" W

Cast Iron Frieze, Oak/Flower Design, Double Faced. 33-1/2" W, 5" H, 8.5 lbs

$17.48 ea.
$16.69 (20+)
$15.87 (40+)
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Cast Iron Frieze, Repeating SScroll. 31" W

Cast Iron Frieze, Repeating S Scroll Design, Double Faced. 31" W, 6-5/8" H, 15 lbs

$20.19 ea.
$19.07 (10+)
$18.18 (20+)
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