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Cast Iron Oak Panel

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Cast Iron Casting, Water Oak. 8"W, 27-3/8"H

A double faced cast iron casting of water oak leaves. This casting is 8"" wide, 27-3/8"" high and weighs 9 lbs. Enjoy a quantity discount when you purchase 15 and more or 30 and more. This panel can be used in a gate or as a tabletop. Items ship same day.

$16.18 ea.
$15.39 (20+)
$14.59 (40+)
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Cast Iron Casting, Oak Design.7-5/8"W, 20-1/4"H

…faced cast iron casting of oak leaves. This design was created in New Orleans when the oak trees were being decimated by pirate moss and the local artists wanted to preserve the beauty of the oak. With this double faced panel featuring oak leaves everyone has a chance to enjoy the beauty of the oak

$13.07 ea.
$12.39 (10+)
$11.77 (20+)
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