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Cast Iron Wheels

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CI V-Groove Wheel. 4" x 1-1/2"

This 4"" wheel is 1-1/2"" thick and made of cast iron. The V-groove allows the wheel to follow a V-track and has a load capacity of 800 lbs.

$7.99 ea.
$6.98 (10+)
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Cast Iron V-Groove Wheel. 6" x2"

A 6"" cast iron V-groove wheel perfect for keep sliding gates on the V-track. This heavy duty wheel has a weight capacity of 800 lbs. The wheel is 2"" wide. Earn a quantity discount when you purchase 10 or more wheels.

$13.89 ea.
$13.19 (10+)
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Caster, General Duty Metal, 3", Swivel

Caster, Gnrl Dty Mtl, 3", Swivel

$6.29 ea.
$5.69 (12+)
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CI V-Groove Wheel, 3" x 1-1/2"

This cast iron V-groove wheel is 3"" x 1-1/2"" and has a max weight capacity of 500 lbs. Included with the wheel are Zirk fitting, sleeve, axle, and nuts. This V-groove wheel will roll on a 1"" angle.

$9.28 ea.
$7.89 (10+)
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Caster, General Duty Metal, 4", Rigid

Caster, Gnrl Dty Mtl, 4", Rigid

$11.69 ea.
$10.59 (12+)
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Cast Iron Wheel with Box, Powder coated black

$16.98 ea.
$15.68 (6+)

Low Traffic Double Wheel Carrier. 6" Wheels

Low Traffic Residential Duty Double Wheel Carrier Assembly. 4" x 2" Double Wheel Gate Carrier, 6" Solid Rubber Tires, 6" W.

$26.98 ea.
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Heavy Duty Double WheelCarrier w/10" Pneumatic Wheels

Heavy Duty Industrial Double Wheel Carrier Assembly. 5/8" Axle, 12" Distance Between Wheels, 10" Wheels, 14 lbs.

$73.28 ea.
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6" Power Wheel w/Mounting Plates

A 6"" power wheel with mounting plates. You will not need a box with this wheel. There's a lifetime warranty on the wheel and a 5 year warranty on the bearings.

$64.17 ea.
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Small Cantilever End Wheel

$23.09 ea.
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Medium Cantilever End Wheel

$25.39 ea.
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General Duty Steel Gate Roller. 5" Wheel

General Duty Steel Gate Roller. 1-5/8" Pipe, 5" Wheel/Axle, 2.4 lbs

$9.33 ea.
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