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Corner Bracket

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Cast Iron Corner Bracket, Passion Flower. 17-1/4"W

Cast Iron Corner Bracket, Passion Flower, Double Faced. 17-1/4"W, 16-3/4"H, 8.2 lbs

$17.77 ea.
$16.79 (12+)
$16.07 (40+)
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Cast Iron Corner Bracket, BirdDesign. 9-1/2"H

Cast Iron Corner Bracket, Bird Design, Double Faced. 6-1/2" W, 9-1/2" H, 1.15 lbs

$4.87 ea.
$4.19 (5+)
$3.69 (10+)
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Aluminum Corner Bracket "Ivy" 16-3/4" H

Aluminum Corner Bracket, Ivy Design, Double Faced. 13-1/8" W, 16-3/4" H, 1.7 lbs

$6.99 ea.
$6.49 (20+)

Aluminum Corner Bracket Bellflower W/Out Tabs17"H

Aluminum Corner Bracket, Bellflower Design, Double Faced. Without Tabs. 9" W, 17" H, 1.5 lbs

$6.32 ea.
$5.71 (20+)

Cast Iron Corner Bracket, RoseDesign. 9-3/8" W

This Rose Design cast iron corner bracket is double faced so the design can be viewed from both sides. The bracket is 9-3/8"" wide, 17-5/8"" high and weighs 6 lbs. Receive a quantity discount when you purchase 10 and more or 30 and more. Items ship same day.

$13.37 ea.
$11.97 (10+)
$10.87 (30+)
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Cane Bolt with (2) Brackets, 12" Height.

Cane Bolt with Bracket. 12"

$3.45 ea.
$3.03 (50+)
$2.71 (200+)

Aluminum Corner Bracket,Pontalba. 15"W,15"H

Aluminum Corner Bracket, Pontalba Design, Double Faced. 15" W, 15" H, 2 lbs

$7.77 ea.
$7.19 (20+)
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Cast Iron Corner Bracket, Vineyard. 15-3/4" W

This cast iron corner bracket is made in the Vineyard Design. The bracket is double faced so you can use it in gates or anywhere that you want to be able to see both sides of the design. Each bracket is 15-3/4"" wide, 15-3/4"" high and weighs 4 lbs. Enjoy a quantity discount when you buy 10 and more…

$11.19 ea.
$9.97 (10+)
$8.98 (20+)

Cast Iron Corner Bracket, Gothic. 23"W,8-3/16"H

A cast iron corner bracket done in the Gothic Design. This bracket is double faced and would work in any corner of a gate. Each bracket is 23"" wide, 1/2"" thick, 8-3/16"" high and weighs 11.9 lbs. Enjoy a quantity discount when you purchase 10 and more or 20 and more.

$25.59 ea.
$22.99 (10+)
$20.98 (20+)
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Cast Iron Corner Bracket Morning Glory. 29" W

Cast Iron Corner Bracket, Morning Glory Design, Double Faced. 29" W, 10-3/4" H, 13 lbs

$23.97 ea.
$21.77 (9+)
$19.87 (18+)
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Cast Iron Corner Bracket, Grapevine. 17"W, 9"H

A cast iron Grapevine Design corner bracket is double faced. This design dates back to the earliest recorded history. Grapes, grapevines and wine are mentioned in the bible many times. This design is a symbol of celebrations past and present. Each corner bracket is 17"" wide, 9"" high and weighs…

$7.97 ea.
$7.18 (15+)
$6.57 (30+)
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Aluminum Corner Bracket "Oak" 15-1/4" W, 15-1/4" H

Aluminum Corner Bracket, Oak Design, Single Faced. 15-1/4" W, 15-1/4" H, 2.25 lbs

$8.95 ea.
$8.49 (20+)

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