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Double Faced Panels

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[F] Forged Steel Panel. 30-1116" Width, 30-11/16" Height.

A doubled faced forged steel panel that is hand riveted and hammered. The panel can be used on a gate or fence where the design needs to look attractive on both sides. Each panel is 30-5/16"" wide, 30-5/16"" high and weighs 27 lbs. Earn a quantity discount when you buy 10 or more. Items ship same…

$150.27 ea.
$142.69 (10+)

[A] Forged Steel Panel. 37-3/16" Width, 31-7/8" Height.

This scroll panel is made of forged steel. It is double faced so it can be used as the centerpiece of a gate where you want both sides to be attractive. Each panel is 37-3/16"" x 31-7/8"" and weighs 27.56 lbs. This panel is 4"" code compliant. The panel works well as wall art as well. Earn a…

$141.78 ea.
$134.68 (10+)
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Cast Iron Railing Panel Rose Design. 7" W, 21-3/4" Height

A cast iron railing panel done in the Rose Design. This panel is double faced so you can use it in applications where you will be able to see both sides. Each railing panel is 7"" wide, 21-3/4"" high and weighs 5 lbs. Earn a quantity discount when you order 25 and more or 50 and more.

$11.49 ea.
$10.99 (25+)
$10.49 (50+)
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Cast Iron French Railing Panel, Double Faced. 8-3/4"W,32"H

Cast Iron French Railing Panel, Double Faced. 8-3/4" W, 32" H, 10.5 lbs

$23.37 ea.
$20.77 (10+)
$18.77 (20+)
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[A] Forged Steel Panel. Double Faced. 16-9/16" Diameter.

A Family Forged Steel Circle Panel with Four Heart Shaped Scroll with Hand Forged Ends with Rossette in the Center that is Double Faced. 16-9/16" in Diameter , 11.40 lbs.

$57.47 ea.
$54.59 (10+)

[A] Forged Steel Panel. Double Faced. 19-11/16" Diameter.

[A] Forged Steel Round Panel with Square Knuckles. 19-11/16" Diameter. Also makes great wall art or wall decor.

$61.87 ea.
$58.78 (5+)

Cast Iron Panel, Slotted, Double Faced. 36-3/4" Height.

Cast Iron Slotted Panel, Double Faced. 9-1/2 "W, 36-3/4" H, 13.028 lbs

$22.29 ea.
$21.19 (10+)
$20.07 (20+)
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Cast Iron Vineyard Rail Panel 9" W 22" H

Cast Iron Vineyard Rail Panel, Double Faced. 9" W, 22" H, 10.6 lbs

$18.77 ea.
$18.77 ea.
$17.99 (10+)
$16.99 (20+)

Aluminum Panel "Rococo" 15-3/8" W, 27-3/8" H

Aluminum Railing Panel, Rococo Design, Double Faced. 15-3/8" W, 27-3/8" H, 8.75 lbs. Also makes great wall decor.

$34.90 ea.
$32.85 (5+)

[UT] Forged Steel Scroll Panel. 25-9/16" Height.

UT Family Solid Plain Round Bar Forged Steel Double Face Scroll Panel, component piece to item # 13-47383-720. 25-9/16" Height by 5-1/2" Wide, 3.55 lbs.

$24.57 ea.
$23.27 (20+)
$22.09 (40+)
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[Z] Forged Steel Panel. 15-3/4" Width, 35-7/16" Height.

A double faced panel that is made of forged steel. The panel is for a level application on a railing versus a staircase. Each panel is 15-3/4"" wide, 35-7/16"" high and weighs 15.98 lbs. Enjoy a quantity discount when you order 5 or more. Items ship same day.

$95.48 ea.
$90.77 (5+)

Cast Iron Panel, Gothic Design. 11-1/4"Width, 37" Height.

A cast iron panel in a Gothic design that is double faced. The panel is 37"" high, 11-1/4"" wide and weighs 17 lbs. Receive a quantity discount when you buy 10 or more and again at 20 or more.

$33.00 ea.
$30.48 (10+)
$28.22 (20+)
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