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Brass Flush Bolt. 1"W, 6-3/4"H

A flush bolt in brass that fits flush against the metal gate. Installation has been simplified to reduce time required to install. The round bolt only requires a punched hole. Use of a strike is optional. Special design on on guide and flat side of bolt head prevents turning. Receive a quantity…

$16.49 ea.
$15.58 (10+)

Linear Flush Mount ResidentialTelephone SS

A keypad for a residential application or employee parking area. Can be coded with up to 100 unique codes. Will remember up to 450 events. Runs through the telephone line and has call waiting and call forwarding. It is back-up battery ready. Items ship same day.

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SureClose Hinge,108+SM,180 DegIn and Out, Flush Mount

D&D Technologies SureClose Hinge,108+SM,180 DegIn and Out, Flush Mount

$333.89 pr.
$311.63 (4+)
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Stainless Steel Flush End Capfor 2.0 Tube

Stainless Steel Flush End Cap, Fits Inside 2.0" OD x 0.50" Wall Tube, Satin Finish. 2" D, 1/8" H

$10.58 ea.
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Stainles Steel Flush Elbow for2.0 OD Tube

Stainless Steel Flush Elbow, Fits Inside 2.0 OD x 0.50 Wall Stainless Tube, Satin Finish. 2-1/2" W, 2-1/2" L

$41.17 ea.

Meridian SS316 Flush Elbowfor 1.67"(42.4mm) OD Satin

$16.99 ea.

Meridian SS316 Flush Elbowfor 1.5"(38.1mm) OD Satin

$15.99 ea.

Meridian SS316 Flush Elbowfor 2"(50.8mm) OD Satin

$22.99 ea.

Meridian SS316 Flush ElbowAdj 1.67"(42.4mm) 316 Satin

$24.99 ea.

Meridian SS316 Flush ElbowAdj 1.5"(38.1mm) 316 Satin

$20.99 ea.
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Meridian SS316 Flush ElbowAdj 2"(50.8mm) 316 Satin

$33.99 ea.

SureClose Hinge,57+SM Model,180 Deg In or Out, Flush Mount

SureClose Hinge,57+SM Model,180 Deg In or Out, Flush Mount

$286.74 pr.
$267.62 (4+)

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