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Aluminum Frieze, C Scroll. 31-1/4" W, 4-7/8" H

Aluminum Frieze, C Scroll Design, Double Faced. 31-1/4" W, 4-7/8" H, 3.25 lbs

$9.19 ea.
$8.59 (10+)

[A] Forged Steel Frieze. 98-7/16" W, 3-15/16" Height

This frieze is made of forged steel with hand forged ends. The frieze will ship via UPS. Each frieze is 98-7/16"" wide, 3-15/16"" high and weighs 14.33 lbs. Receive a quantity discount when you order 5 or more. Items ship same day.

$38.57 ea.
$36.68 (5+)

Victorian Architectural Sheet-Metal Ornaments.

…ornaments and statuary. Rendered in zinc, brass, and copper, includes rosettes, historical figures, angels, gargoyles, knights, eagles, griffins, cornices, friezes, and much more. Great browsing for antique and nostalgia buffs; excellent source of copyright-free illustrations.. 196 pages.

$14.99 ea.
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[BB] Forged Steel Frieze. 96-7/16" Width, 5-7/8" Height.

This frieze is made of forged steel. The scrolls are done in 9/16"" x 1/4"" flat bar. Each frieze is 96-7/16"" wide, 5-7/8"" high and weighs 13.89 lbs. Achieve a quantity discount when you purchase 5 or more. Items ship same day.

$59.99 ea.
$56.99 (5+)
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[AA] Forged Steel Frieze. 94-1/2" Width, 3-1/16" Height.

This frieze is made of forged steel with hot hammered ends. It can be used as a border for a gate. Combine the frieze with other scrollwork for a truly unique look. Each frieze is 94-1/2"" wide, 3-15/16"" high and weighs 8.14 lbs. This item can be shipped UPS. Earn a quantity discount when you order…

$39.99 ea.
$37.99 (10+)

[AT] Forged Steel Frieze. 9-3/8" Width, 3-15/16" Height.

[AT] 3 InterLocking Tube Rings. 9-1/16" W< 3-15/16" H, .71 lbs

$3.59 ea.
$3.37 (15+)

Cast Iron Frieze, Acorn-Top. 21" W, 5-1/2" H

A cast iron frieze called an Acorn Top is part of the Oak Collection that came about because the artisans in New Orleans were trying to preserve the beauty of the oak tree when the trees started dying off because of the pirate moss. This pattern is timeless. Each frieze is 21"" wide, 5-1/2"" high…

$16.68 ea.
$14.87 (15+)
$13.37 (30+)

Aluminum Frieze, X Design. 30-5/8" W, 4" H

Aluminum Frieze, X Design, Single Faced. 30-5/8" W, 4" H, 2 lbs

$9.19 ea.
$8.39 (20+)

Cast Iron Frieze, Center Door.18-1/2" W, 4-1/4"H

Cast Iron Frieze, Center Door Design, Double Faced. 18-1/2" W, 4-1/4" H, 3.3069 lbs

$6.67 ea.
$6.29 (15+)
$5.98 (30+)

Cast Iron Frieze, Bird of Paradise. 21-1/2"W

A double faced Bird of Paradise frieze made from cast iron. An ornate frieze that can be used in gates or fences. Each frieze is 21-1/2"" wide, 4"" high and weighs 5 lbs. Earn a quantity discount when you buy 10 and more or 20 and more.

$8.48 ea.
$7.37 (10+)
$6.49 (20+)
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Cast Iron Frieze, Greco-Romanesque. 27-5/8" W

Cast Iron Frieze, Greco-Romanesque Design, Double Faced. Repeating Pattern When Stacked or Laid End to End. 27-5/8" W, 6" H, 6.47 lbs

$11.09 ea.
$10.58 (20+)
$10.08 (40+)

Cast Iron Frieze, Double Faced. 34-1/4" W, 7-1/2" H

Cast Iron Frieze, Double Faced. The Cast Iron freeze repeats its design continuously when placed end to end, and side to side. 34-1/4" W, 7-1/2" H, 11.05 lbs.

$27.49 ea.
$26.18 (6+)
$24.87 (12+)

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