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Cast Iron Casting, Gothic. 7-1/2"W, 28-1/4"H

A double faced cast iron casting in the Gothic Design. This panel can be used on a gate or fence where you want to see the beauty of the design from both sides. Each casting is 7-1/2"" wide, 28-1/4"" high and weighs 8.5 lbs. Enjoy a quantity discount when you purchase 12 and more or 40 and more.

$15.25 ea.
$13.95 (15+)
$13.09 (40+)

Byzantine Gothic Banding Bar 3/4" Width, 8' Length.

Forged Steel Byzantine Gothic Banding or Collar Material. 3/4" W, 1/4" Thick, 97" H, 3.98 lbs. Can ship UPS.

$15.09 ea.
$14.28 (50+)

Cast Iron Corner Bracket, Gothic. 23"W,8-3/16"H

A cast iron corner bracket done in the Gothic Design. This bracket is double faced and would work in any corner of a gate. Each bracket is 23"" wide, 1/2"" thick, 8-3/16"" high and weighs 11.9 lbs. Enjoy a quantity discount when you purchase 10 and more or 20 and more.

$26.39 ea.
$23.68 (10+)
$21.67 (20+)

Cast Iron Gothic Center Boss. 6-3/4"W, 8-5/8"H

A cast iron center boss done in the Gothic Design. This boss is double faced so you can use it in a gate application where you want everything to look good on both sides. This center boss is 6-3/4"" wide, 1-7/8"" ends, 8-5/8"" high and weighs 2.59 lbs. Earn a quantity discount when you purchase 30…

$4.89 ea.
$4.69 (30+)
$4.47 (60+)

Cast Iron Gothic Center Boss Accent. 16-1/4" H

Cast Iron Gothic Center Boss Accent. 8" W, 16-1/4" H, 5 lbs

$9.88 ea.
$9.29 (10+)
$8.87 (20+)

Cast Iron Gate Crest, Gothic. 29-1/2"W,11-1/2"H

Cast Iron Gate Crest, Gothic Design, Double Faced. 29-1/2" W< 11-1/2" H, 10 lbs

$25.16 ea.

Gothic Deco Guard Fence Panel , 4 x 8

Gothic Deco Guard Fence Panel, 4 x 8

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Aluminum Casting, Cathedral. 9-1/4" W, 27" H

Aluminum Casting, Cathedral Design, Double Faced. 9-1/4" W, 27" H, 2 lbs

$15.55 ea.
$14.55 (10+)

Cast Iron "Gothic" Spear. Fits 1/2" Square.

Cast Iron "Gothic" Spear Fits Over 1/2" Square. 3" W, 1" base, 7-1/4" H, .76 lbs

$1.77 ea.
$1.67 (100+)
$1.49 (200+)

Loosely Twisted Solid 1/2" Square Bar. 8' L

A loosely twisted solid 1/2"" square bar is 8 feet long. The bar can be custom cut on site for unique projects. Each bar weighs 6.06 lbs. Achieve a quantity discount when you purchase 160 or more Gothic bars. Items ship same day.

$11.87 ea.
$11.27 (160+)

Cast Iron Casting, Gothic, 11-3/4" W, 27-3/4" H

Cast Iron Casting, Gothic Design, Double Faced. 11-3/4" W, 27-3/4" H, 17.2 lbs

$39.63 ea.
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Cast Iron Railing Panel,Gothic6-3/4" W, 31-3/4"H

A double faced Gothic railing panel made out of cast iron. The Gothic style is ornate and comes from 12th century France. Indicators of the style are pointed arches, ribbed vault and the flying buttress. Castles use a lot of Gothic style. It's a heavy look dating back to Medieval times. Each railing…

$20.25 ea.
$18.20 (15+)
$16.55 (40+)

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