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Gothic Balusters

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[R] Forged Steel Flat Panel w/Center Basket. 35-7/16" H.

[R] Forged Steel Baluster, Loosely Twisted in Gothic Style w/Center Basket. 35-7/16" H, 7.73 lbs

$23.88 ea.
$22.69 (10+)

Aluminum Panel, Gothic. 9-7/8"W, 26-7/8" H

Aluminum Railing Panel, Gothic Design, Double Faced. 9-7/8" W, 26-7/8" H, 4.5 lbs

$13.58 ea.
$12.68 (10+)

Cast Iron Railing Panel,Gothic6-3/4" W, 31-3/4"H

A double faced Gothic railing panel made out of cast iron. The Gothic style is ornate and comes from 12th century France. Indicators of the style are pointed arches, ribbed vault and the flying buttress. Castles use a lot of Gothic style. It's a heavy look dating back to Medieval times. Each railing…

$20.27 ea.
$18.19 (15+)
$16.57 (50+)
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Related Categories Stair Railing Panels | Buttress | France

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