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Handrail Accessories

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Cast Steel Volute for 1-3/4" W. Handrail

A cast steel volute that works with a 1-3/4"" molded cap rail. The volute is 2-3/8"" wide, 4-3/4"" long and weighs 1.81 lbs. This cast steel volute has a subtle beauty that will finish off a handrail nicely without adding much to the length. Items ship same day.

$6.99 ea.
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Aluminum Hand Rail Bracket, Round. 3-1/4" H

This lightweight aluminum handrail bracket is 3-1/4"" high and extends 2-1/4"" from wall to the center line of the saddle. There's a 5/16"" hole. Product ships same day. Enjoy a quantity discount when you purchase 100 or more.

$1.92 ea.
$1.69 (100+)

[B] Forged Steel Hand Rail Bracket. 10-5/8"H

A forged steel handrail bracket with two countersunk screw holes allows a cleaner looking installation. This bracket has a 5/16"" hole. The bracket extends 2-1/4"" from the wall to the center line of the saddle. The bracket is 2-3/4"" deep, 2-3/4"" wide, 10-5/8"" high and weighs .82 lbs. Enjoy a…

$8.28 ea.
$7.87 (40+)

Cast Steel Volute For 2-1/4" W. Handrail

This cast steel volute is the perfect accent for the end of your 2-1/4"" cap rail. The volute is 2-9/16"" wide and 4-3/4"" long. The volute is heavy and weighs 2.51 lbs. This item ships same day from UPS.

$9.27 ea.
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Cast Steel Left Hand Lateral for 1-7/8"W

Cast Steel Left Handed Molded Handrail Lateral for 1-7/8 " Molded Cover Rail. 13" Width x 10-5/8" Length.

$23.19 ea.
$22.08 (10+)
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20mm Forged Steel Hand Rail Bracket 9" H

20 mm Forged Steel Hand Rail Bracket with 3 Countersunk Screw Holes. Extends 2-3/8" from Wall to Saddle Centerline, 1/4" Hole, 3-1/2" W, 9" H, 1.45 lbs

$8.28 ea.
$7.87 (50+)

Forged Steel Tapered Lambs Tongue 2-1/4" W

A tapered lamb's tongue that is made of forged steel. This lamb's tongue is made to go with 2-1/4"" molded cover rails. Each lamb's tongue is 2-1/4"" wide, 11-7/16"" long, 13"" high and weighs 3.73 lbs. Receive a quantity discount when you purchase 20 and more or 40 and more.

$23.72 ea.
$22.53 (20+)
$21.35 (40+)

Stainless Steel Comb FootrailBracket for 2.0 Tube

This stainless steel combination footrail bracket is for 2"" stainless steel tube. Use these brackets on the front of a bar to create a footrest for people sitting at bar stools. Each bracket is 6-1/8"" CP and 6-1/2"" high. All items ship the same day.

$42.77 ea.
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Brass Handrail Bracket, 2-1/2"Standoff.

Brass Handrail Bracket, 2-1/4" Standoff. 2-3/8" Height.

$10.74 ea.
$9.80 (20+)

Forged Steel Handrail Bracket7-1/16" H

Forged Steel Handrail Bracket. 7/16" Countersunk Screw Hole, 1/4" Thickness, 2-3/4" Depth, 2-9/16" W, 7-1/16" H, 1.15 lbs

$12.09 ea.
$11.49 (20+)

Cast Iron Handrail Bracket,3-3/4" H

MainA cast iron handrail bracket for flat stock has a 3"" standoff and extends 3"" from the wall to the center line of the saddle. There's a 7/16"" hold for mounting to the wall. The bracket is 3-1/4"" wide,…

$4.08 ea.
$3.87 (50+)
$3.59 (100+)

Cast Iron Handrail Bracket.3-1/2" H

MainThis cast iron handrail bracket is made for flat material. It extends 2-1/2"" from the wall to the center line of the saddle. The standoff is also 2-1/2"". The bracket is 2-3/4"" wide, 3-1/2"" high and weighs…

$1.39 ea.
$1.32 (45+)
$1.25 (90+)

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