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Kong Hinges

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King Kong Barrel Hinge. 7" H, 3000 lb

A King Kong barrel hinge that is 7"" high is built for those heavy duty jobs where no other hinge will do. This hinge can support up to 3000 lbs. The barrel is 2-1/2"" in diameter. There is a 1-1/4"" stainless steel pin and there's a 3-3/4"" space between post and gate when installed.

$186.40 pr.

USA Barrel Hinge. 1-1/2"x3" Pad, 7" H

This barrel hinge is a heavy duty black hinge that has a welding pad of 1-1/2" by 3" and stainless pin. It is 7" high and weighs 7 lbs. A substantial hinge to hold up a substantial gate. Enjoy a quantity discount if you purchase 12 or more.This USA barrel hinge is a heavy duty black hinge that has a…

$44.13 pr.
$40.72 (12+)

Steel Sealed Bearing Hinge Bolt On 500 lb/pr

$49.99 ea.
$47.99 (6+)
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Gate Stop for ReadyFit SF Models Hinges

$66.47 ea.
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Steel Weld On Hinge. 4" Length, 5/16" Pin.

This 4"" solid steel weld on hinge is perfect for heavy duty applications. The hinge has a 5/16"" steel pin, brass grease fitting and brass ring. The hinge barrel is 5/8"" around. Enjoy a quantity discount when you buy 10 or more and again at 100 or more.

$4.57 ea.
$4.47 (10+)
$4.07 (100+)
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Steel Weld-On Hinge. 7-3/4" Length, 5/8" Pin.

This steel weld on hinge is 7-3/4"" with a 5/8"" pin and a brass grease fitting and ring. Weight capacity is 1000 lbs. Sold as a pair and each pair weighs 2.99 lbs. Receive a quantity discount when you buy 10 or more and 24 or more.

$14.47 ea.
$13.69 (10+)
$12.69 (24+)

Steel Weld On Hinge. 4-3/4" Length, 25/64" Pin.

Steel Weld-On Hinge with Brass Pin and Brass Ring. 4-3/4", 25/64" Pin, 5/8" Barrel, .9 lbs

$6.19 ea.
$5.98 (10+)
$5.57 (75+)
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Forged Steel Large Hinge. 3" Bolt, 7/8" Pin, 9" Height.

Forged Steel Large Hinge. 3" Threaded Bolt, 7/8" Pin, 9" H, 4.01 lbs

$34.17 ea.
$32.39 (10+)
$30.78 (20+)

SureClose ReadyFit Hinges, 108/108 Alum Bracket Kit

$639.70 pr.
$620.51 (10+)
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Square Block Hinge. 6", 5/8" Pin

These 6"" square block hinges are perfect for heavy metal gates up to 600 lbs. Each hinge needs to be welded in place and they are sold in pairs. The hinge has stainless steel pins with ball bearings. The pin is 5/8"". The entire hinge weighs 7.8 lbs. Receive a quantity discount if you buy 12 or…

$57.65 pr.
$53.19 (12+)

Hinge-Clampfemal 1" Bolt on Female Hing


$2.58 ea.
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HD 3 Open Winged Steel Hinge H-7/18" W- 1-1/8" D- 3/4"

$9.07 ea.

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