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BD Loops Saw Cut 4x8 loop w/50ft lead

These loops are meant for saw cut applications and measure 4' x 8' with a 50' lead. The manufacturer is BD and they recommend using a rubber based loop sealant when you install the loops to make sure they stay water tight. Items ship same day.

$106.59 ea.

[U3] Forged Steel Spindle-Baluster, Double Loop. 39-3/8" H.

[U3] Forged Steel Baluster, w/ Double Loop Design. 2"W, 39-3/8" H, 4.85 lbs

$18.59 ea.
$17.67 (25+)
$16.78 (50+)

Viking Loop Detector Rack

Viking Loop Detector Rack

$69.57 ea.

BD Loops Pave Over 6x16 Loop 100ft Lead

BD Loops Pave Over 6x16 Loop100ft Lead

$171.77 ea.

BD Loops Pave Over 6x20 Loop 60ft Lead

BD Loops Pave Over 6x20 Loop60ft Lead

$165.67 ea.

BD Loops Pave Over 4x8 Loop 60ft Lead

These pre-formed loops are 4' x 8' with a 60' lead. This type of loop needs to be paved over instead of cut in. Just lay loop over the rebar before paving. A control module is necessary to sense the loops. These loops can be used for safety, center or exiting. Items ship same day.

$107.97 ea.

Elite Plug In Loop Detector

A commercial loop detector that plugs into an Elite Omni control board. This detector can sense loops that saw cut in or paved over. This plug in model is simple to set up. Items ship same day.

$109.57 ea.

Northstar Plug-In Loop Detector Viking

This loop detector plugs into part #39-VA-LREDI and works with Viking brand gate openers. Loops can be buried beneath a driveway or cut into the ground. This detector can connect the loop to the opener to open the gate at the correct time. Items ship same day.

$79.28 ea.
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Northstar 24V AC/DC Loop Detector

A loop detector by Northstar that works with saw cut loops or paved over ones. This detector has 10 selectable sensitivities, 4 selectable frequencies, wrong voltage protection, output timing and extend delay, and much more. Items ship same day.

$96.89 ea.

Northstar 10/30V ACDC Low Pwr Loop Detector

A low power loop detector that is made by Northstar. It will work with any operator that has safety ports because it is hard wired. This detector has 4 selectable sensitivities and 4 selectable frequencies. Since it is a low draw item it works well with solar panels. Items ship same day.

$79.28 ea.

Elite Loop Det Male Prongs fornew My Q Techology boards

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[U3] Forged Spindle-Baluster, Double Loop. 35-7/16" H.

[U3] Forged Steel Baluster, w/ Double Loop Design. 2" W, 35-7/16" H, 3.5 lbs

$11.59 ea.
$10.98 (25+)
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