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Molded Steel Cover Rail, 1-3/4" W, 8ft

An 8' length of cap rail that fits over 1/2"" to 1"" square, channel or flat railing. Each rail is 1-3/4"" wide and has a 5/8"" profile. This cap rail is also available in 19' lengths. This item matches item#81-4429-F. These cap rails can be shipped via UPS. Earn a quantity discount if you order 10…

$14.99 ea.
$13.99 (10+)

1-3/4" Molded Tubular Handrail, 8 Ft

1-3/4" Molded Steel Tubular Handrail x 8 ft. Per Section. Approx 14 Gauge Material.

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Light Weight Steel Cover Rail,Molded 2-1/4" W,19ft

This lightweight cap rail is made of molded steel and comes in 8' and 19' lengths. It fits over 1-1/2 to 1-5/8"" flat, square and channel railings. The rail is 2-1/4"" wide and ships via UPS. Receive a quantity discount when you order 22 or more.

$39.98 ea.
$38.98 (22+)

Molded Steel Large Tangent Volute 8' L.

Molded Steel Volute with Very Large Tangent for 1-3/4" Width Molded Cover Rail. 1-3/4" Width x 5-3/4" Height x 8 Ft. Length. Can Ship UPS.

$43.67 ea.
$41.59 (20+)
$39.37 (40+)
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Molded Steel Handrail. 2-1/4" Width, 8' Length.

A forged steel flat handrail with a solid profile that is 5/8"". The handrail is 2-1/4"" wide, 8' long and weighs 35.86 lbs. Earn a quantity discount when you buy 15 or more.

$62.66 ea.
$59.53 (15+)
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Steel Cover Rail 1-15/16" W, 19 Ft. Long

…fit over a 1"" or 1-1/4"" square, flat or channel rail. This cap rail is compliant with California building code. This cover rail is made out of molded steel. The cap rail comes in 19' lengths and weigh 37.88 lbs. Each rail is 1-15/16"" wide with a 5/8"" profile height. Ships LTL. Enjoy a quantity…

$47.49 ea.
$45.49 (25+)
$43.99 (100+)

Cast Iron Left Hand Lateral 2-1/4" Width

A cast iron lateral made for the left-hand side. Each lateral is 13"" wide, 10-1/2"" long and weighs 5.4 lbs. This lateral works with 2-1/4"" molded cover rail. Receive a quantity discount when you buy 10 or more and 20 or more. Same day shipping.

$9.49 ea.
$8.88 (10+)
$8.05 (20+)

Steel Cover Rail 2-1/4" Wide 19 Ft Long

This steel, stair handrail, also known as cover rail or cap rail, fits over 1-1/4" or 1-1/2" flat or channel rail. It is molded steel which gives it strength and durability. The cap rail comes in 19 ft. lengths. Receive a quantity discount when you purchase 22 or more.

$41.95 ea.
$40.99 (22+)

Molded Steel Cover Rail, 1 3/4" W, 19 Ft

A molded steel cover or cap rail that will fit over 1/2"" to 1"" square, flat or channel rails. Sold in 19' lengths. This item ships via UPS. This cap rail has a low profile at 5/8"" and is 1-3/4"" side. Matches item 81-4429-F. Receive a quantity discount when you purchase 10 or more.

$33.99 ea.
$32.99 (10+)

Cast Steel Left Hand Lateral for 1-3/4"W

Cast Steel Left Handed Molded Handrail Lateral for 1-3/4 " Molded Cover Rail. 13" Width x 10-5/8" Length.

$25.67 ea.
$24.28 (10+)
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Steel Cover Rail 1-15/16" W, 8Ft. Long

This molded steel cover rail will fit over 1"" to 1-1/4"" flat, square or channel railing. Each cover rail is 1-15/16"" wide, 8' long with a profile of 5/8"". Receive a quantity discount when you buy 25 or more and 100 or more. These cover rails ship UPS.

$19.98 ea.
$18.98 (25+)
$17.98 (100+)
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Light Weight Steel Cover Rail,Molded 2-1/4" W, 8ft

This lightweight molded steel cover rail. The rail is 2-1/4"" wide and fits over 1-1/2"" to 1-5/8"" square, flat or channel railing. It comes in 8' lengths and ships UPS. Quantity discount when you buy 50+.

$19.29 ea.
$18.27 (50+)
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