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Riveted Baluster

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[DD] Forged Steel BalusterRiveted. 39-3/8" Height.

Main[DD] Family (3/4” x 5/16” Plain Flat Bar) This is a Hand Riveted Wrought Iron Scroll Baluster panel made from 3/4” x 5/16” Plain Forged Steel flat bar. It is 39-3/8" tall, and weighs 5.65 lbs

$13.87 ea.
$13.18 (10+)

[A] Forged Steel Baluster Riveted Center. 47-1/4" Height.

[A] Forged Steel Baluster. Hand Riveted Center Scrolls 6-11/16" Width x 47-1/4" Height.

$27.09 ea.
$25.69 (25+)
$24.47 (50+)

[F] Baluster, Hand Riveted. 45-1/4"

[F] Forged Steel Baluster, Hand Rivet S Scroll Design. 45-1/4"H, 4.03 lbs

$14.37 ea.
$13.69 (50+)
$12.97 (100+)

[F] Forged Steel Baluster, Riveted Scroll. 45-1/4" Height.

This fancy baluster is forged steel with a hand riveted scroll design. The corners of the cold rolled steel are all hammered to give texture. The baluster is 45-1/4"" high and weighs 5.75 lbs.

$28.79 ea.
$27.37 (20+)
$25.98 (40+)

[L] Forged Steel Baluster Center Scrollwork. 47-1/4" Height

[L] Forged Steel Baluster, w/ Hand Riveted Scroll Design. 47-1/4" H, 6.61 lbs

$30.97 ea.
$29.39 (25+)
$27.89 (50+)

[A] Forged Steel Panel. 8-7/16 Width, 29-15/16" Height.

This scroll panel is made of forged steel. The panel is reversible so that it looks the same on either side of the railing. Each panel is hand riveted and 8-7/16"" wide, 29-15/16"" high and weighs 7.21 lbs. Enjoy a quantity discount when you buy 5 and more or 30 and more. Items ship same day.

$36.17 ea.
$34.39 (5+)
$32.68 (30+)
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[F] Forged Steel Level Panel.11-3/4" W, 33-7/16" Height.

A scroll panel to be used in railings. The panel is made of forged steel. Each panel is hand riveted and are 11-3/4"" wide, 33-7/16"" high and weighs 11.764 lbs. Receive a quantity discount when you purchase 3 or more panels. Items ship same day.

$50.98 ea.
$48.38 (3+)

[U3] Rebecca Panel. 14-1/2"W, 59" H

A forged steel Rebecca railing panel that is made for pitched applications. The scrolls are made of 1/2"" round bar while the posts are 5/8"" round bar. The design is banded to one post while the design wraps around the other post to fasten. The panel is 59"" high and 14-1/2"" wide.

$124.98 ea.
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