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Cantilever Roller Nylon Black


$3.41 ea.

Non-Marring Guide Roller 63/8" Black

This guide roller is by Eagle and made from UHMW plastic with sealed bearing and zinc plated bracket. The black roller is non-marring so it would be appropriate for an inside gate. The guide roller is 5-13/16"" high and weighs 4.5 lbs.

$29.97 ea.
$29.97 ea.
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Non-Marring Guide Roller, 3"w/Aluminum Bracket, Black

$17.47 ea.
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Cantilever Rollerw/guard for 2" tubing 4" Post

This cantilever roller with guard contains a nylon wheel and works with a square 4"" post and 2"" gate frame. The cover is black and the entire part weighs 16 lbs.

$89.95 ea.
$126.57 ea.
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Stay Roller w/Bracket.

Stay Roller with Bracket. Bracket = 5-7/8"W, 3-1/2" H, Roller = 2-1/2"H

$13.18 ea.
$12.57 (5+)

6" Rubber Guide Roller

This six inch rubber guide roller is made for side rolling gates. It comes with a C bracket for use in installation. Guide roller is 2-3/8"" wide, 6"" high and weighs 2.474 lbs.

$7.85 ea.
$6.95 (20+)
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Mini Cantilever Roller. Workswith 1-5/8" Diameter Pipe.

Mini Industrial Cantilever Roller. 1-5/8" Pipe, 2-1/2" Post Size, 4.72 lbs

$53.89 ea.

Cantilever Roller Nylon Wheelfor 2-1/2" Diameter Pipe.

Cantilever Roller Nylon Wheel. 4" x 2-1/2", 2-1/2" Gate Frame, 4" Post Size, 13 lbs.

$89.95 ea.
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12" Rubber Guide Roller

This rubber guide roller is 12"" high and comes with a rugged, weldable, steel mounting bracket with bearings. This roller has a non-removable pin. These come 10 to a case. Each roller is 2-3/8"" wide and weigh 4.582 lbs. Receive a quantity discount when you buy 10 or more.

$13.99 ea.
$13.29 (10+)

Cantilever Roller for 2-1/2"Diameter Pipe

MainCantilever Roller 3" x 2.50", 2-1/2" Gate Frame, 3" Post Size, 16 lbs.

$63.17 ea.
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3" Rubber Guide Roller

A three inch rubber guide roller to weld to the bottom of a heavy gate to help it roll smoothly open and closed. This roller is 2-3/8"" wide, 3"" high and weighs 1.354 lbs.

$5.25 ea.
$4.99 (40+)
$4.74 (80+)

Non-Marring Guide Roller 3"Black

Eagle Non Marring 3" Black.

$19.38 ea.
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