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Steel Balusters

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[F] Forged Steel Baluster, Hammered. 45-1/4" Height.

An upright baluster that is elegant in it's simplicity. The forged steel construction will provide the strength you need for any project while providing beauty at the same time. This baluster is 45-1/4"" high and weighs 2.67lbs. Order 25 or more of these balusters and enjoy a discounted price.

$4.65 ea.
$4.42 (25+)
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[A] Forged Steel Baluster, 7-1/4 x 45-1/4

A unique forged steel baluster that features a framed design in the center of the baluster with a Roman collar. The framed design is 7-1/4"" wide with the height at 45-1/4"". It's made with 1/2"" plain square bar.

$37.18 ea.
$35.38 (25+)
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[Q] Forged Steel Baluster, 45-1/4" Height.

[QQQ] Forged Steel Baluster made from 3 [Q] Family square bars that come together at each end with a unique design in the center with Venetian Collars at top & bottom. 5-1/2" Width x 45-1/4" Height.

$19.99 ea.
$18.99 (10+)
$17.99 (30+)

[L] Forged Steel Baluster. Hammered. 45-1/4" Height.

This hammered forged steel baluster is very simple and without added decoration. The stock is 9/16"" hot rolled and hammered on four corners. The baluster is 45-1/4"" high and weighs 3.67 lbs. Receive a price discount when you buy 25 or more.

$8.47 ea.
$8.18 (25+)

[B] Forged Steel Baluster, Plain. 45-1/4" Height.

This baluster is made of plain forged steel bar. Perfect for those areas where the view is obstructed by the railing because this simple baluster will be visually unobtrusive. It is a standard 45-1/4"" high and weighs 3.9 lbs. Receive a price discount when you buy 25 or more.

$7.98 ea.
$7.67 (25+)

[K] Forged Steel Baluster, Tappered. 45-1/4" Height.

Tapered on the top and the bottom this hammered 9/16"" square stock has a different look than the average hammered baluster. By adding the tapering this baluster creates visual interest. The baluster is 1"" wide and weighs 5.49 lbs,

$14.99 ea.
$13.08 (25+)
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[A] Forged Steel Baluster. Twisted. 45-1/4" Height.

[A] Family (1/2" (12 mm) plain square bar) This wrought iron baluster is made from 1/2 inch (12 mm) plain square Forged Steel bar that has been Twisted. It is 47-1/4 inches tall.

$7.07 ea.
$6.69 (25+)
$6.38 (50+)

Forged Steel Baluster, w/Center Stamp, 47" H

At 1-1/4"" wide this baluster is narrow, but packs a big design punch. There's a feather embellishment and hand stamped floral design in the center. This baluster is 45-1/4"" high and weighs 3.75 lbs.At 1-1/4"" wide this baluster is narrow, but packs a big design punch. There's a feather…

$5.60 ea.
$5.04 (25+)
$4.49 (50+)

[EC] Forged Steel Baluster, Twisted. 45-1/4" Height.

[EC] Forged Steel Flat Bar with Single Center Twist. 1" W, 45-1/4" H, 3.13 lbs

$8.78 ea.
$8.38 (25+)
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Forged Steel Baluster, Hammered. 35-7/16" Height.

Baluster,Hammered, 12mm, 35-7/16" H

$5.87 ea.
$5.57 (25+)

[C] Forged Steel Baluster, Plain. 45-1/4" Height.

…is a member of our [C] Family, which is defined as being based on a 5/8 inch (16mm) plain square bar.  It is constructed from Forged Steel, which is much stronger than "Wrought Iron", and provides a smooth elegant appearance.  It is 45-1/4 inches in height and weighs 4.99 lbs. 

$8.79 ea.
$8.37 (25+)
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[A] Forged Steel Baluster Scroll Ends. 29-15/16" Height.

[A] Forged Steel Baluster w/Scroll Ends 29-15/16" H.

$8.97 ea.
$8.49 (25+)
$8.17 (50+)

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