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Tool Box Latch

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Cap Driving Tool

Cap Driving Tool for 75-IS-600 & 75-ISW-850 OZ POST/OZ DECK

$23.99 ea.
$21.99 (10+)
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Lokk Latch Series 2, Latch &Access Kit

A Lokk latch series 2 by D&D Technologies with external access kit. Latch is key lockable. Perfect for all household and garden gates. Optional external access kit allows you to lock the latch from the outside. This latch adjusts both vertically and horizontally. 3/8"" to 1-3/8"" gap variance. Made…

$34.98 ea.
$33.23 (10+)
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Lokk Latch Series 2, LatchOnly

A Lokk latch series 2 by D&D Technologies, latch only. This latch is key lockable. It comes in a black and silver finish. The latch will adjust horizontally and vertically. There's a 3/8"" - 1-3/8"" gap variance. Enjoy a quantity discount when you buy 10 or more.

$19.95 ea.
$18.95 (10+)
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Steel Import Lock Box, 1-5/8"Wide Single Box

Steel Import Lock Box, Straight Guard, 1-5/8" Wide Single Box. 2-3/8" Backset, 2-1/8" Opening, 4-1/2" W, 3-1/2" H, 1.102 lbs

$3.64 ea.
$3.18 (40+)
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Steel Import Lock Box, 1-5/16"Wide Single Box

Steel Import Lock Box, 1-5/16" Wide Single Box. 2-3/8" Backset, 2-1/8" Opening, 4-1/2" W, 3-1/2" H, .934 lbs

$3.64 ea.
$3.18 (40+)
$2.83 (160+)
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DK Postal Lock Box

DoorKing Postal Lock Box Housing Only. Postal Lock Must be Aquired from US Post Office

Inquire For Market Price

Lokk Latch Series 2, Access Kit Only

D&D Technologies Lokk Latch Series 2, External Access Kit Only. Key Lockable Latch, Adjusts Vertically & Horizontally. Molded Polymer Plastic.

$15.37 ea.
$14.67 (10+)
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Lokk Latch Deluxe & Extendedernal Access Kit

A deluxe Lokk latch with external access kit. This latch works for metal, wood or vinyl. The latch is made by D&D Technologies. This latch is keyed and you can ask about having multiple gates keyed alike. Comes in black, but you may special order in white. Latch works from both sides. Gain a…

$65.40 ea.
$62.13 (6+)
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Steel Latch Keeper For GravityBar. 1" Height.

Forged Steel Latch Keeper For Gravity Bar. 1/4" Thick, 2-3/4" W, 1" H, .09 lbs

$1.37 ea.
$1.29 (10+)
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Steel Lock Box, 1-1/2"Wide, Double Box w/o Bolt.

Steel Lock Box, 1-1/2" Wide Double Box without Bolt Guard. 2-3/8" Backset, 2-1/8" Opening, 4-1/4" W, 6-7/8" H, 1.452 lbs

$9.37 ea.
$8.27 (24+)
$7.29 (100+)
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Faac 760 Load Bearing Box

Faac Load Bearing Box for 760 Series Hydraulic Motor/Pumps

Inquire For Market Price

4" Steel V-Groove Wheel Box

This steel box is to cover the V-groove wheel while it's working. The box is 5"" depth, 2"" wide and 3"" high. There's a 1/2"" hole and it weighs 1.5 lbs. This box is for a 4"" V-groove wheel.

$5.95 ea.
$5.65 (24+)
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