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Cast Iron Bald Eagle. 26-1/8"W, 9-1/4"H

Cast Iron American Bald Eagle, Single Faced. 26-1/8" W, 9-1/4" h, 8.37 lbs. Also makes great wall art or wall decor.

$19.58 ea.
$18.97 (4+)
$18.38 (8+)

Cast Iron Sunflower Casting 7-3/4" Width, 28-1/2" Height.

Cast Iron Casting, Long Sunflower, Double Faced. 7-3/4" W, 28-1/2" H, 8.25 lbs

$17.28 ea.
$16.78 (5+)
$16.09 (10+)

Cast Iron Corner Bracket, BirdDesign. 9-1/2"H

Cast Iron Corner Bracket, Bird Design, Double Faced. 6-1/2" W, 9-1/2" H, 1.15 lbs

$4.79 ea.
$4.58 (5+)
$3.99 (10+)

CastI ron Corner Bracket, Curl. 5-1/2" W, 7" H

Cast Iron Corner Bracket, Curl Design, Double Faced. 5-1/2" W, 7" H, .75 lbs

$4.77 ea.
$4.39 (10+)
$3.89 (20+)
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Cast Iron Dove of Peace, Left.12-3/4"W, 8"H

Cast Iron Casting, Dove of Peace, Left Hand, Single Faced. 12-3/4" W, 8" H, 5.29 lbs. Also makes great wall art or wall decor.

$16.78 ea.
$16.47 (5+)
$15.18 (10+)

Cast Iron Dove of Peace, Right. 12-3/4"W, 8"H

Cast Iron Casting, Dove of Peace, Right Hand, Single Facced. 12-3/4" W, 8" H, 5.29 lbs. Also makes great wall art or wall decor.

$16.47 ea.
$16.08 (5+)
$14.88 (10+)

AAS 1000 Code W/Intercom 12/24VACDC

American Access DKADV Series Intercom/Keypad Combo (inside speaker NOT included). Has Light to Show Keypad Face.  Each model offers 1,000 fully programmable keypad codes, a programmable latch code and sleep code, “3 strikes, you’re out” security, two relays, and an external…

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AAS Aiphone Indoor Intercom w/transfrmr

This indoor intercom is made by American Access Systems (AAS)Aiphone. This is the master station and it runs on a single channel. It comes with it's own transformer. The intercom also has a door release button to activate the relay and open the gate, or door, to allow access built in to the system.…

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