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5/8"x5/16" Forged Scroll Center Ring Design 3-15/16" Dia

CC Family Forged Steel Scroll, Center Ring with 2 "C" Scrolls and Leaves. 3-15/16" Height by 23-5/8" Wide, 3.02 lbs.

$23.49 ea.
$22.28 (15+)

Cast Iron Casting, Gothic. 7-3/8" W, 28-1/4"H

A double faced cast iron casting in the Gothic Design. This panel can be used on a gate or fence where you want to see the beauty of the design from both sides. Each casting is 7-3/8" wide, 28-1/4" high and weighs 8.5 lbs. Enjoy a quantity discount when you purchase 12 and more or 40 and more.

$17.99 ea.
$16.48 (15+)
$15.47 (40+)
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[L] 9/16" Hmrd Forged Steel Baluster Center Stamp 45-1/4"H

At 1-1/4"" wide this baluster is narrow, but packs a big design punch. There's a feather embellishment and hand stamped floral design in the center. This baluster is 45-1/4"" high and weighs 3.75 lbs.

$6.49 ea.
$5.87 (25+)
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1/2" Forged Steel Baluster Center Design 45-1/4" Height

[A] Forged Steel Baluster w/Center Design. Uses the Roman Collar. 6-3/16" Width x 45-1/4" Height.

$58.17 ea.
$55.47 (25+)
$52.68 (50+)

5/8" Forged Steel Baluster S & C Design 45-1/4" H

This forged steel baluster is made of 5/8"" plain square bar with a scroll design with high S scrolls and two C scrolls banded together. This baluster is 45-1/4"" high, 7-7/8' wide and weighs 7.52 lbs. Enjoy a quantity discount if you purchase 10 or more.

$36.48 ea.
$34.47 (10+)
$32.69 (50+)

1/2" Forged Steel Baluster Double Ribbon Twist 45-1/4" H

[A] Forged Steel Baluster. Center design consists of 2 'C' scrolls banded together with a Parisian collar with double ribbon twists on either side. 1/2" square solid bar. Matches 13-50-8 (double 'C' scroll design).

$13.69 ea.
$13.07 (25+)
$12.29 (50+)

Cast Iron Casting, Rose Design. 28-5/8" H

Cast Iron Casting, Rose Design, Double Faced. 9-1/4" W, 28-5/8" H, 11.25 lbs

$20.57 ea.
$19.47 (25+)
$18.27 (50+)

Cast Iron European Baluster Center Design. 35-3/8" Height.

Cast Iron European Baluster, Double Faced Center Design. 6-1/2" W, 35-3/8" H, 13.12 lbs

$29.48 ea.
$29.17 (10+)
$28.07 (20+)

1/2" Forged Steel Baluster Center S Scroll, 45-1/4" H.

[A] Forged Steel Baluster. Center design consists of 1 'S' scroll and 2 'C' scrolls banded together with Roman Collar to double scroll ends. Baluster is 1/2" square solid bar. (Scroll design is item #13-1051-4.)

$15.17 ea.
$14.38 (10+)
$13.69 (30+)

1/2" Forged Steel Baluster w/2S Scrolls 45-1/4" Height.

This family forged steel baluster is something special. The center design is made up of two ""S"" scrolls and two ""C"" scrolls banded together. The baluster is 45-1/4"" high and made of 1/2"" solid square bar. The design is made of 1/2""x1/4"" flat bar and is 26-3/4"" long. Also available in 36""…

$13.68 ea.
$12.99 (10+)
$12.29 (50+)

9/16" Rd Forged Steel Panel 15-3/4" W 38-9/16" H

[Y] Forged Steel Panel, Heart, Flower and Leaf Design Scrollwork. 15-3/4" W, 38-9/16" H, 17.92 lbs. Also makes great wall art or wall decor.

$198.59 ea.
$188.79 (5+)
$179.29 (10+)

1/2"x1/4" Forged Steel Scrol l 7-7/8"W 25-9/16"H

This scrollwork is made of forged steel. The design is formed using one 'S' scroll and two 'C' scrolls held together with Roman collars. The actually scrolls are made using 1/2"" x 1/4"" flat bar. Receive a quantity discount when you purchase 10 and more or 50 and more. Items ship same day.

$11.58 ea.
$10.98 (10+)
$10.39 (50+)

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