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Gate Top

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Plain Tube Gate Frame.98-7/16"L,11-7/16"

50mm x 25mm Plain Tube Gate Frame. 98-7/16" Long, 11-7/16" Tall, 12.26 lbs.

$51.48 ea.
$48.78 (3+)

Plain Tube Gate Frame. 59-1/16" Long

25mm Plain Tube Gate Frame. 59-1/16"Long, 8-1/4" Tall, 6.33 lbs

$25.77 ea.
$24.48 (3+)

Plain Tube Gate Frame.98-7/16"L,11-7/16" H

A 50mm plain tube gate frame that is 98-7/16"" long and 11-7/16"" tall at arch. Made out of 12 gauge plain square steel tubing. This frame goes on the top of a gate. This frame weighs 16.34 lbs. Gain a quantity discount when you buy 3 or more.

$72.38 ea.
$68.69 (3+)
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[C] Forged Steel Gate Top. 39-3/8" Width, 12-5/8" Height.

[C] Forged Steel Gate Topper. 39-3/8" W, 12-5/8" H, 11.11 lbs

$58.17 ea.
$55.47 (5+)

[DD] Forged Steel Gate Top. 29-1/8" Width, 8-7/8" Height.

A scroll gate topper is made of forged steel. This piece also features a Parisian collar. Each scroll gate topper is 29-1/8"" wide. 8-7/8"" high and weighs 8.15 lbs. Receive a quantity discount when you buy 15 and more or 30 and more. Items ship same day.

$39.88 ea.
$37.98 (15+)
$36.08 (30+)
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[Z] Forged Steel Scroll. 5-1/8" Width, 35-7/16" Height.

This scrollwork is made from forged steel. It can be combined end to end to create a border for a fence or gate and top to bottom for a larger panel. Each panel is 5-1/8"" wide, 35-7/16"" high and weighs 5.03 lbs. Receive a quantity discount when you order 25 and more or 50 and more. Items ship same…

$33.77 ea.
$29.97 (25+)
$26.97 (50+)
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Cast Iron Spear "Triad". Drives In 1" Square.

Triad spear that is made of cast iron. It drives into 1"" square pipe or tubing to top off a fence or gate. Each spear is 2-1/8"" wide, 1"" base diameter, 4-3/8"" high and weighs .4 lbs. Enjoy a quantity discount when you order 100 and more or 500 and more. Items ship same day.

$1.17 ea.
$.99 (100+)
$.89 (500+)

Square Plain Steel Tubing.17-5/16"T, 118-1/8"L

50mm Square Plain Steel Tubing, 12 Gauge. 17-5/16"Tall, 118-1/8" Long, 19.62 lbs.

$102.59 ea.
$97.57 (3+)

Forged Steel Gate Top. 47-1/4" Width, 20-1/16" Height.

Forged Steel Gate Top with Leaves, Parisian Collars, 47-1/4" W, 20-1/16" H, 24.47 lbs. Also makes great wall decor.

$257.57 ea.
$244.69 (5+)
$232.48 (10+)

Cast Iron Frieze Bird of Paradise. 25-5/8" W

A double faced Bird of Paradise frieze made of cast iron. Use this frieze as a divider between two simpler panels in a gate or use it as a border on top or bottom of your gate design. Each frieze is 25-5/8"" wide, 4-1/8"" high and weighs 5 lbs. Enjoy a quantity discount when you buy 20 and more or…

$13.28 ea.
$12.58 (5+)
$11.97 (10+)

Gate Top Decor 51-3/16" Long

Gate Top Decor 51-3/16" Long, 7-3/8" Tall, 5.20 lbs.  Could also be used as a Balcony Baluster.

$25.77 ea.
$24.48 (3+)
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Gate Flat Top 1" Rail 16G5/8" Picket 18G-36"x48"

Gate Flat Top 1” Rail 16G5/8”Picket 18G-36"x48” This low partition solution is designed to complement our other flat tops and may be used as a panel or railing. 100% galvanized inside and out and powder coated a high-gloss black flat top low partition gate. It measures…

$79.19 ea.

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