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Gto Garage Door Adapter Receiver 12/24v

A GTO adapter that can receive signals from any brand of garage door opener and operate. This allows you to combine remotes and use only one to access everything. This is a 318 Mhz gate operator. Transformer is not included. Items ship same day.

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GTO SW3000XLS Single Swing Gate 16' 650 lbs

This GTO single swing opener can handle gates up to 16 feet wide and 600 lbs. Each opener includes a battery , receiver, transmitter, transformer, control box, 6' cable, hardware, master/slave control panel and manual. Items ship same day.

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Gto 1 Button Remote, 318mhz,9swtch

This gate closer remote works with a 318 Mhz GTO radio receiver. The remote comes with a visor clip or key chain for convenience. Item ship same day.

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GTO Residential Wireless EntryIntercom

$387.37 ea.

GTO Residential Wireless Intercom/Keypad

This intercom and keypad is for residential outdoor entry systems. This keypad is wireless and has a 500 foot range. The system can hold 110 codes. It comes with a keypad cover, base unit and transformer. Items ship same day.

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GTO Exit Wand

Automatically activates gate operators “Hands-Free” when a vehicle approaches. Designed for residential, agricultural, and commercial applications. Easy to install. has very low power consumption with a wide input voltage range that makes it ideal for solar / battery applications. It is…

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GTO Solenoid Lock

This gate lock uses electricity for a very short amount of time, about 4 seconds just when it starts to open so it would be a candidate for a solar panel versus a magnetic lock that needs electricity constantly. The lock connects to the gate opener.

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GTO Wired/Wireless 25 code Keypad

This keypad is by GTO. It has a 25 code memory. The keypad can be hardwired to a 12 volt battery or run wirelessly off of 3 AA batteries. Batteries are not included. The keypad has a protective plastic housing making it suitable for outdoor use. It does not fit on a standard keypad stand. Items ship…

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Gto 3 Button Remote, 318mhz, 9swtch

Gto 318 Mhz One Button Visor Clip Remote Control. Must Have Gto 318 Mhz Radio Receiver

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GTO 2000XL & 3000/4000 Rev Counter Bd

GTO SW 3000/SW4000 Rev. Counter Board

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GTO Slave Arm w/Brackets 16' 650 lbs

A slave arm that will work with a master that is made by GTO. The slave can open a gate up to 16 feet wide and 650 lbs. The slave kit comes with 50 feet of cable, hardware and a manual. Items ship same day.

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GTO SW4000XLS Sing Swing Gate 20' 1000 lbs

A single swing gate opener made by GTO. This opener works with gates up to 20 feet wide and 1000 lbs. The opener is sold separately and can be used as a replacement part with other kits. Items ship same day.

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