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Modern Castings

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Cast Iron Modern Casting. 9-3/4" W, 24-5/8" H

This single faced cast iron casting is in the Modern Design that carries the geometric design of squares within squares. Each casting is 9-3/4" wide, 24-5/8" high and weighs 9.5 lbs. Receive a quantity discount when you purchase 30 and more or 60 and more.

$32.93 ea.

Cast Iron Modern Design Panel.11-1/2"W, 27-1/2"H

A cast iron panel made in the Modern Design. This panel is double faced so you can see the design from the front or the back. The design is like a lattice made from cast iron. Each panel 11-1/2"" wide, 27-1/2"" high and weighs 11 lbs. Receive a quantity discount when you purchase 10 and more or 20…

$28.07 ea.
$26.97 (15+)
$25.77 (30+)

Cast Iron Modern Casting. 8-1/4"W, 16"H

A single faced casting in the Modern Design made from cast iron. This modern design involves geometric shapes which is indicative of the modern style. Each casting is 8-1/4"" wide, 16"" high and weighs 4 lbs. Enjoy a quantity discount when you purchase 25 and more or 50 and more.

$12.86 ea.

Aluminum Picket "Modern" 7-3/4" W, 15-1/2" H

Aluminum Casting Picket, Modern Design, Single Faced. 7-3/4" W, 15-1/2" H, 1.75 lbs

$5.75 ea.
$5.25 (20+)

Cast Iron Modern Casting. 6-1/2" W, 34-3/8" H

Cast Iron Modern Casting, Double Faced. 6-1/2" W, 34-3/8" H, 8 lbs

$15.48 ea.
$14.07 (20+)
$12.88 (40+)

Modern Solar Cap Cast Aluminum

The modern yet elegant Imperial Solar Post Cap light offers a clean contemporary design that is unequalled in performance. Its rugged cast aluminum construction with powder coated finish means no future painting. The Imperial was specifically designed for use with steel or aluminum posts. Will fit…

$28.99 ea.
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Aluminum Casting, Modern. 8-3/4"W, 15-1/4"H

Aluminum Casting, Modern Design, Single Faced. 8-3/4" W, 15-1/4" H, Distance between squares 1-3/8". 1.75 lbs

$7.39 ea.
$7.29 (20+)

Aluminum Casting, Modern. 9-5/8"W, 18-3/4"H

Aluminum Casting, Modern Design, Single Faced. 9-5/8" W, 18-3/4" H, 2.5 lbs. Also makes great wall decor.

$10.78 ea.
$9.69 (10+)

Cast Iron Modern Railing Panel. 9-1/4"W,23-1/4"H

Cast Iron Modern Railing Panel, Single Faced. 9-1/4" W, 23-1/4" H, 7.9 lbs

$21.68 ea.
$19.28 (15+)
$17.29 (30+)
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Cast Iron Modern Accents. 10-3/4"W, 18-1/4"H

Cast Iron Modern Accents, Single Faced. 10-3/4" W, 18-1/2" H, 5.8 lbs

$15.98 ea.
$15.18 (5+)
$14.49 (10+)
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Cast Iron Modern Design Panel.10-3/4"W, 31-1/2"H

This strikingly modern design in a cast iron panel can be used in a gate or as a tabletop. The panel is double faced so it is good looking on both sides. Each panel is 10-3/4"" wide, 31-1/2"" high and weighs 13.5 lbs. Enjoy a quantity discount when you purchase 15 and more or 30 and more.

$24.17 ea.
$22.29 (15+)
$20.69 (30+)

Aluminum Casting, Modern. 9" W, 22-5/8" H

Aluminum Casting, Modern Design, Single Faced. 9" W, 23-1/8" H, distance between squares 1-3/8". 2.5 lbs

$14.69 ea.
$13.28 (10+)
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