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Solar Panel

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Solar Panel 10 Watts 12v D/C No Bracket

This solar panel can be used with gate openers where there is no access to electricity. This panel is a 10 watt and generates enough energy for a 12 volt gate closer. Sold with no bracket. Items ship same day.

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Viking Solar Upgrade Package

High solar cell efficiency & outstanding energy output in low light conditions. Nominal voltage: 12VDC - Two panels connected in series are required for a 24VDC system. Package includes 2 panels, charger, 1 harness, 2 batteries. Length 21.4" Width 26.1" Depth 2"High solar cell efficiency &…

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Viking Solar Panel 40 Watt 12VDC

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US 10watt solar panel

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Solar Panel Mounting Bracket 5& 10 watt

Solar Panel Mounting Bracket for 5 & 10 watt panels

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Eagle 20Watt Solar Panel with bracket

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Solar Panel 5 Watt 12v DC no bracket

Solar Panel, 5 Watt 12v DC. Great for Charging 12v DC Battery Powered Gate Operators Where A/C is Not Available

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Single swing Solar AC charged w/LCR/solar panel/ Photo Eye

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Dual swing Solar AC charged w/LCR/solar panel/ Photo Eye

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Slide Controler Solar or AC w/solar panel, LCR & 2photo eyes

…and light commercial. 5 year warranty on control broad. 3 year warranty on all other components. Solar or AC charged with friendly Smart controller. Designed to operate with all types of solar friendly accessories. Built-in close timer. Soft stop. Simple manual release knob with easy to adjust…

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US Auto Patriot Dual SolarSwing No Radio

A dual swing gate opener that includes a 6 watt solar panel and regulator. This heavy duty opener can handle gates up to 16 feet wide and weighing up to 600 lbs. Items ship same day.

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GTO Solenoid Lock

This gate lock uses electricity for a very short amount of time, about 4 seconds just when it starts to open so it would be a candidate for a solar panel versus a magnetic lock that needs electricity constantly. The lock connects to the gate opener.

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