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Stairs & Handrails

Stairs & Handrails

Strength, style & safety

to match any decor.

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Have a couple stairs? Then you need a handrail to satisfy safety regulations and good design. Our handrail selection gives you something to hold on to, whether you're stepping up from the sidewalk or descending a grand staircase.

Handrail Ends & Bends

Handrail ends reinforce the rail as a whole and help people smoothly move on and off the stairs. Likewise, if your stairs or balcony takes a turn, the handrail bends will keep everything aligned for safety and appearance.

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Handrail Brackets

Add a decorative touch by using our brackets to attach your handrail to the wall. The right bracket complements the railing without drawing attention to itself, unobtrusively ensuring the handrail can do its job.

Brass Components


Durable, rugged and simple for indoors or out

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Punched Channels

Punched channels expand your flexibility with the size and spacing of the railing's spindles. Decorative spindles need more space between channels, while simpler spindles run closer together to maintain a good look and utility.

Marble to Metal

Balusters were originally sculpted from marble or stone, or forged in bronze. Modern metal balusters are steel or aluminum.

Always modern

Balusters were a Renaissance take on classic design. Today, they can reflect any era's tastes and design principles.

Which is it?

Balusters and banisters are easily confused. Banisters usually go with stairs, while balusters apply to any railing.

And balustrades?

Balusters are the supports (also called spindles or pickets), while the balustrade is the railing itself.

Stair Treads & Risers or Stairs

Powder Coated Balusters

Powder coating gives your balusters a smooth, customized look while adding another layer of protection. Our powder coated forged steel balusters come in a range of designs, making them a great option for many projects.

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